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Thu 10/17 - 6 signal(s)
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Thu 10/17 - 11 signal(s)
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Thu 10/17 - 13 signal(s)

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Like The Money? Oct 03, 12:48am GMT

 I am particularly glad that we extended the free trial of everything at the DC website for this week as I felt last week's markets were generally subdued with the exception of our Gold and Silver trades and I wanted you to see what 6S Futures as well as our T.03 and PLUS signals can do for you when volatility comes into the markets.

At Wednesday's close in 6S we are ~+ $5200 in Crude Oil, + $4000 in S&P, + $2300 in Heating Oil, + $2100 in Natural Gas, + $3000 in NASDAQ, + $2000 in Russell, + $1200 in Soybeans, reversed in Gold for + $2900 and positive on our Sugar position, US T Bonds and Palladium. So some part of over $22000 in the 6S program together with the big sell in Germany's DAX from the T.03 and Blue line signals earlier this week the Blue line and T.03 Sell in DX, today's PLUS Buy in Gold and the Blue line Buy in Silver, T.03 Sell in CAD-CHF and yesterday's PLUS Sell in USD-JPY which extended further today.

Update: Add ~+ $10100 from Monday's T.03 Sell signal in Germany's DAX elected on Tuesday and pretty soon you are talking about real money. HA! 

The business of trading is making money and you can see from the Free Trials what the Danielcode has to offer. Add to that the stunning 4th Seal commentary from Frank DB which forecast and plotted the turn in Gold to the day and the tic. Bravo Frank.

6S is Booming Sep 30, 11:38pm GMT

 Yesterday I suggested that you take a look at our 6S daily signals and for today, 6S had much the best of the fight with Crude Oil at ~+ $3200, US Dollar Index (DX) at ~+ $700, Gold at ~+ $4900 and Natural Gas at ~+ $1400. So about $10200 in just those markets. Take a trip to sunny Queensland in November for our Live Danielcode Tutorial and I will teach you how to create the 6S signals for yourself. Email me at if you don't have your invitation yet.

And of course we had the 6S buy signal in Soybeans for today which gave us the biggest bar of the day and returned about $800 into the close. Add that to our tally and 6S is at ~+ $11000 in these 5 markets and all of this has been seen by anyone who took our Free Week which started on 09/22 and has been extended for this week also. Nice enough?

More of Free Week Sep 30, 4:17am GMT

Last week found the markets in Futures and Forex quite relaxed with no real surge of volatility other than the nice DC signals in Gold and Silver but some of you had some nice results. This from Howard B from NZ:  "My results on demo were pretty good. Risk of 2% came up with profit around 20%. Heady stuff." And he only used our time tested T.03 PLUS signals. So we are going to let the free trials extend through this current week.

For this week please ensure that you are seeoing both the T.03 PLUS signals and the 6S signals. Some of the T.03 and PLUS signals are valid for 2 days, others for 3 days and still others must be elected on the day for which they are posted. Any signals not elected but still valid are carried forward in the Trade Program link above so make sure you check that daily othrrwise you might be missing signals. And take time to look at Members Charts from the drop down links above and the 4th Seal charts and commentary which will be updated later today.

Free Week-Wednesday 09/25 Sep 26, 12:29am GMT

 Free week at the Danielcode started quietly with markets being largely subdues. All that changed today as the various DC signals started to bite. Gold and Silver both sold off in response to our T.03 Sell signals. Gold was down 27.9 close to close with Silver losing 66.5 points. Remember our correlation rules; $HUI is an index with no futures attached but $HUI, Comex Gold and Silver are so highly correlated that a DC signal in any of these can be traded in any other provided the signals are elected. The same applies to US Equity markets which have lost touch with each other of late but that generally show high directional correlation. The same applies to Forex and you can see correlations listed in the daily Trade Program link above. US T Bonds just did enough to get us short but the down move lacks conviction which is why we are holding with a trailing $ stop which you can see in our 6S commentary and signals.

Crude Oil is working to fill the downside gap to 54.80, Best of the 6S trades today was the US Dollar Index, DX. We had a 6S sell on Tuesday which realised ~ $140 but the best part was our instruction to exit at the open and go long to get back with the trend. The buy order was duly elected for ~ $340 and its up trend is intact.

Sugar has been interesting on the 6S. We called the pullback to Thursday 09/19 as a countertrend move so held on with a $ trailing stop. We then got long at the start of this week and are still holding with a 1 bar stop. Friday last had a probable TIME based trend change buy signal which elected on Monday. See if you can understand why the 09/17 to 09/19 pullback was just a counter trend. Your knowledge of probable trend is the key to superior trading.

T.03 and PLUS Signals Sep 23, 11:37pm GMT

 T.03 signals are valid for two days including the day of posting. Blue line signals are valid for three days including the day of posting. If not elected on the day of posting as new signals, these are carried forward in the DC Trade Program link above. Ensure that you check the Trade Program or you could be missing trades.

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