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Free Week May 11, 12:20am GMT

Last week's Free Week for this website was blighted by some issues we encountered on Friday so we have extended Free Week until Saturday 05/15. Take a look at the Members charts and the 4th Seal commentary in particular. 

This is Danielcode May 10, 8:01am GMT

 Never wrong for long...


6S The Gem May 10, 12:21am GMT

 Our 6S program managed splendidly with our issues on Friday with DX closing at ~+ $960, S&P at ~+ $2000, Gold ~ $3100, Coffee at $3800, Soybeans at ~ $2700 and Wheat near $880. When I post results they are always approximates and for one contract so bigger markets make more bucks so always think about results as a function of margin, the inescapable cost of doing business.

I have an unavoidable appointment on Thursday so this week's webinar "Knowing the Danielcode makes trading a Blood Sport" will be on Wednesday evening at 8:30PM US DST. Make sure you don't miss it.

Technical Issues May 08, 2:07am GMT

 We had some issues from Thursday evening which stopped me from posting signals. Apologies and all back to normal now.

Bitcoin Et Al May 05, 7:54am GMT

 A gentleman emailed me on Monday enquiring if I had traded Bitcoin and other cryptos with the Danielcode and if so how did it go. The short answer is no I haven’t applied the Danielcode to crypto currencies but we have had some enquiry so I will get hold of the charts and have a presentation for all of you at next week’s webinar. We have had plenty of our Tutorial students use the Danielcode to trade Cryptos and they report excellent results as I would have expected given that the Danielcode is the DNA of markets and the markets themselves provide all of our input data.

Today our website had an unscheduled outage at GoDaddy for about an hour which they failed to mention and for some reason that email has disappeared. It will be hidden somewhere but right now I know not where.

If you were the gentleman who emailed me on this question please make contact again so we can correspond.

Home/News     |     What is DC?     |     Services     |     Articles     |     Videos     |     Trading Reports