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6S on Coffee Jul 28, 5:51am GMT

 Brazil's top growing regions for coffee, sugar, and oranges are expected to see another round of frost later this week. A cold snap last week sent coffee futures to a multi year high.

The 4th Seal ANGLES Jul 26, 2:16am GMT

 The 4th Seal Angles combine qualities of Time and Price. This is an unusual view of the S&P Index on the SYNODIC chart.

DC Trade Signals Bonanza Jul 22, 12:06am GMT

 Struggled to find new DC trade signals for you today and that is simply caused by the fact that our T.03, T.03PLUS, Blue line and 6S signals have already got almost every turn. The DC trade signals for election on Tuesday and Wednesday provided 17 Forex signals all of which were elected and all of which are profitable. Note that some markets created more than one signal ie T.03 and Blue line signals. Futures created 12 signals for election on Tuesday and Wednesday of which 11 were elected and all are profitable at today's close. 6S continued on its winning way with Coffee closing today at ~+ $6000 to follow last week's trade of ~+ $3300, Russell closed at ~+ $3600 and Wheat closed at ~+ $4500. Good enough?

Equities Jul 20, 11:34pm GMT

 The probabilities for Equities going forward are quite complex. Make sure that you have read the update for the 4th Seal and be aware of the DC daily trade signals. Tuesday's up bar in Equities in response to the DC daily signals may look stronger than it really is as the S&P Index merely closed the prominent gap down on Friday and technicallly that is all it had to do. Watch the DC daily signals carefully as it is likely the next few days trading will be vital.

In our 6S program Crude Oli closed the day at ~+ $5000 whilst Wheat is being incredibly generous to us with today's close at ~+ $4000 on a margin of $2530. Nice enough.

The 4th Seal from Forum Jul 13, 9:16pm GMT


frank (Subscriber)
For those who are impatient and want to see before they believe I ask you to stay calm. This is a monthly death cycle that gives us either the momentum turn or the closing turn. Details are given in the 4S updates.
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frank (Subscriber)
Another major update this week in the 4th seal. The setup keeps developing, nothing has been invalidated folks.

In fact this week we had another piece of the puzzle falling into place on the 12 day SPX chart that makes this setup even bigger. Ever since we talked about the setup in June this year (and that was 18 months ago) we have seen pieces of DC evidence piling upon each other that made this forecast more important and more sure. We are in a historic moment. Every DC chart I have on the SPX tells me the same outcome. Prepare for the turn of the century.

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