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US Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 22, 2:42am GMT

 US markets will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday 11/24 and trading is likely to be thin on Friday as folks make it a long weekend. There will be no DC trade signals for Thursday in Futures markets but Forex will trade as normal. Our usual bi-monthly webinar will be moved from 11/24 to 12/01. Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations amd safe travels.

The Joys of The Chase Nov 17, 1:18am GMT

 Equities are still in discussion about whether to be long or short with Dow and Dax still strong whilst Russell is the weakest but elsewhere our markets continue to reward us. US T-Bonds which continue to frustrate CTAs and Ms Yellen closed today at ~ $2600 after giving us ~ $3000 on last week’s long trade from our 6S signals. Our short trade in DX is at $3200 from last weeks FlipMe short to add to ~ $1200 short trade from 11/03 T.03 Sell signal. Matching this was the inversely correlated long Gold trade from our T.03 Buy signals in Gold and Silver from 11/04. Long Gold closed today at ~ $12500 with $9000 in the 6S buy and Silver closing today at $9800. Sugar is on a sensational long trade from a FlipMe buy signal on 11/08 for ~ $1600 after the prior trade of $840. NASDAQ returned ~ $11900 on its FlipMe Buy from 11/10 and a small short trade today. Russell and S&P both grabbed the explosive up bar on 11/10 for $5700 and $2500 respectively plus small short in Russell today from its correlated T.03 Sell.

Gann on Nat Gas, T-Bonds & Equities Oct 24, 12:32am GMT

The legendary WD Gann used to say "use all of your tools all of the time" and such was the case with the current short trade in Natural gas which closed Friday at ~+ $14200. To get that trade you needed to see the failed T.03PLUS Buy signal for 10/12 which became an automatic FipMe Sell signal on 10/13. It looked nasty at that close but is now sitting at over $14000 which gets a cheer. Or you could have taken the 6S Sell signal for 10/13. Simple enough.

I have been talking about the various US T-Bonds trades at recent webinars including showing you the next major price target from our long term chart which it is heading for with grim determination. Since 09/08 we have been short for ~ $5400, long for $1200 then short again on 10/05 for $3062 and again on 10/17 for the current short trade at ~$4400 at Friday's close for ~ $14000 with a loser on  10/15.

Equities are not out of the woods yet with growth failing to confirm value Buy on 10/21. Hedgies are hugely short S&P and NASDAQ with options players in dire straights as Friday's T.03 Buy signals in Dow, NASDAQ and S&P sucked most of the value out of puts. If you haven't been getting these results you need to take the Danielcode Tutorial. Email me today. To add Coffee to the "use all of your tools all of the time" theme, KC elected its T.03+ Buy signal on 10/15 which setup its FlipMe Sell signal for 10/07. That short trade was at ~ $9700 at Friday's close. Nice enough!

BOJ & USD Oct 23, 10:48pm GMT

 Bank of Japan intervened in currency markets again on Friday 10/21 to hold the Yen below 150 on the USD cross rate and it looks like this was a coordinated effort with US Fed as USD weakened simultaneously. Lots of drama and cross currents as big players were long and betting that BOJ intervention would fail as it has before. But hasn't adressed the real issues surrounding BOJ manipulation of their bond market. 

Wednesday 10/19/22 Oct 20, 12:14am GMT

Equities are trying to resolve their next step. Foe Thursday we had T.03 Sell signals in NASDAQ, Russell and DAX which gave correlated sells for Dow and S&P. Of these Russell was the only one to show any real downside intent with Dow and NASDAQ and S&P barely electing their down signal and DAX not electing the downside at all. On the 6 day chart we have an impressive key reversal bar which tagged the low with precision on Thursday’s day of chaos and a trade above the 6 day KRB at 3777.25 basis the S&P should see new buying arriving. Best today was our T.03 and 6S Buy signal for DX and continuing short trades in Gold for ~ $3300 and Nat Gas at ~ $9300 together with short Beans for ~ $1600 so far. 

Lots of winners in Forex this week including T.03 Sell in EUR-USD and T.03PLUS Buy in CAD-CHF today.

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