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2017 Christmas Special

Cyclone OMA Feb 21, 12:45am GMT

 We are under a cyclone watch for Cyclone OMA presently about 900 kilometres northeast of Gold Coast in Queensland. Given that we are an ocean side city, we can expect heavy rain and some flooding if OMA continues to come this way. So likely we will be having internet and power issues for the next few days and accordingly I have rescheduled Thursday's expected webinar "New for 2019-The 6S Everyday Program" until Tuesday 02/26 at 8:30PM USET. I trust you can still join us then.

President's Day Holiday Feb 15, 11:52pm GMT

 US markets will be closed Monday 18th February for the President's Day holiday. As we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday, T.03 and PLUS signals will next be posted on Tuesday evening for Wednesday's trading. Forex and 6S Futures will trade as normal.

Peak Aggro or Peak Stupidity Jan 18, 8:54am GMT

 Apologies to those who were patient enough to sit through today's audio challenged webinar Peak Aggro or Peak Stupidity. I have re-recorded the whole webinar this time without audio issues and it will be posted at left tomorrow. Enjoy!

Martin Luther King Holiday Jan 17, 1:17am GMT

 Most US markets will be closed for the Martin Luther King day holiday on Monday 01/21. There will be no T.03 or PLUS signals for that day and as we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday the next trade signals after the holiday will be on Tuesday evening for Wednesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal.

Welcome to 2019 Jan 03, 12:03am GMT

 The Christmas-New Year break is over and I trust you are all well and refreshed as we start trading for 2019. Regretably we start the year with a delay in EOD data so please be patient as the daily DC signals including 6S are hanging on our data provider, now 30 minutes delayed and signals will be delayed accordingly.

Home/News     |     What is DC?     |     Services     |     Articles     |     Videos     |     Trading Reports