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Updated Jun. 16
Updated Jun. 16
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Juneteenth Jun 17, 10:41pm GMT

 Wednesday 19th June 2024 is a US national holiday and US markets will be closed. 

Equities Rollover Jun 12, 12:18am GMT

 Equities are still struggling with upward momentum stalled on S&P and NQ both of which are facing Blue line Sell signals whilst Russell is now facing a T.03 and Blue line Buy signal. Remember that all DC signals are provisional until the trade is elected but I cannot recall seeeing S&P and NASDAQ both facing T.03 and Blue line Sell signals whilst small cap Russell is facing its major Buy signal. Watch this continued divergence and compund the mix with Friday's rollover.

Nice trending long trade in Nat Gas while Crude Oil has given us a nice two way trade for ~ $9000. NG closed today on its long trade for ~ 2800. On the FX front CAD is being the star.

Develish DX Jun 05, 12:45am GMT

 As posted yesterday the US Dollar Index (DX) did a fine job of getting the masses wrong so T.03 and Blue line sells in the major Forex pairs could play out. DX rallied weakly from its DC Black line support at 103.945 and Dollar needs a daily close below that number if it is going lower. Our T.03 and Blue line Sell in EUR-JPY made ~ $800 whist our Sells in GBP-JPY and USD-JPY are posted below.

Fed is Relaxed Jun 05, 12:35am GMT

 The trades I showed you yesterday both improved today with our short Beans also improving while Equities continued to struggle for direction. Russell is at critical support of 2036.8 and a daily close below that number will free the small caps to go lower. Another strong up day in US T-Bonds which often acts as a proxy for the Fed's thinking shows the Fed is relaxed about a softening in interest rates for the time being at least.

Crude Oil

USD Weakness Jun 04, 8:05am GMT

 USD weakens over the past few sessions which sets up some promising trades in the Fx pairs. Meanwhile we are short Soybeans and Crude Oil

And long US T-Bonds which has surprising legs:

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