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T.03 Signals
Fri 10/22 - 1 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Fri 10/22 - 8 signal(s)
6S Signals
Fri 10/22 - 13 signal(s)

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Trades & Charts Oct 20, 3:10am GMT

 About $13000 in 6S trades today with S&P Emini closing at ~ $7600, Nat Gas at ~ $3100, Sugar at ~ $1500 and Beans near $1000. These are vastly different markets and all are reported as per one contract so S&P at $7600 is at 60% of margin Sugar at $1500 is at 102% of initial margin. Always look at these results through the prism of relative margins.

The S&P Buy was also a T.03 Buy signal from 10/13 and the Sugar Sell was on its T.03PLUS Sell from 10/11. Copper made $11500 on its T.03 Buy signal from 10/06. AUD-JPY in Forex closed Tuesday at ~ $4080 from its T.03PLUS Buy signal on 10/01 and CAD-JPY closed at ~ $3950 from its T.03PLUS signal of 10/04. EUR-JPY made ~ $3500 on its correlated T.03 Buy from 10/07 and GBP-JPY is at $6100 from its T.03 Buy signal of 10/01. NZD-JPY is at ~ $3800 from its T.03PLUS Buy signal of 10/07 and Gold made ~ $3650 in its past two small trades and about breakeven today and Silver near $2000 on its correlated Buy signal. Watch those correlations. They are turbo charging your returns.

Members Charts for Sugar and Silver have been updated and Terry should have them posted shortly.

Happiness is Active Markets Oct 14, 11:33pm GMT

 A little touch of volatility as buy-the-dippers have recovered some nerve has again boosted our 6S and T.03 results with the 6S group closing on Thursday for ~ $17000. S&P closed the day at ~+ $3500, long Gol;d is at ~ $3600 with Coffee at $2500, Nat Gas at $1500 Russell at $1600 Sugar at $700 and T-Bonds at $2500 on the current long trade after contributing ~ $3300 and $1900 on two short trades from 09/22. Good stuff and the T.03 and PLUS signals are also bubbling.

The 4th Seal Sep 30, 6:20am GMT

 Serious upside momentum in the Aussie SPI today prefaces probable bullish bar in US Equirties for Thursday. And that means you should read the new commentary from Frank DB for the 4th Seal in S&P for an unexpected probability that he raised in Monday's post. Don't be surprised!

6S Sep 27, 11:52pm GMT

 Our 6S program is powering along with the various Futures markets we trade closing Monday at ~+ $20000 all per one contract. Some of these contracts are relatively large as in ES, Gold etc and others are much smaller as in Sugar, Wheat etc so comparisons between markets are irrelevant as margins and tick values vary greatly. Best are Oil at ~ &4000, Natural Gas at ~ $4900, Coffee at ~ &2800 and T Bonds at ~ $2800 also. Sugar is at ~ $600 which is about 60% of margin. Nice enough!

No New Forex Trades Today Sep 23, 11:40pm GMT

 If you are wondering why there are no new Forex signals today it is pretty simple; we have already got almost all of them in the past few days. See today's webinar starting soon for details.

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