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6S And Today's Snapback Rallies Oct 23, 11:40pm GMT

 Lots of big power moves today largely reversed in the PM and that shines a spotlight on knowing the trend in trading. Likely reaction was PPT at work but looking at the charts those snapback rallies were consistent with counter trend trades. Make sure you register for Thursday's webinar where I will go through all of today's reversal trades in detail. Bottom line we pulled abour $6770 from today's trades using our 6S technique.

6S Oct 16, 11:18pm GMT
JCN ()
Flat in Oil and getting flat in Heating Oil as rollover on Thursday. ES gave +~ $ 1800 today after ~+ $4500 in downside and ~+ $1900 in HO.


From a DC Member & Tutorial Graduate Oct 11, 5:03am GMT
princedv (Subscriber)
Hi John
What a day its been for the danielcode, $5000 on the S&P, $2000 on crude $2800 on Gasoline an another $1800 on heating oil. All that on 1 contract each. 
Thank you John for sharing and teaching us this technique.


6S and PLUS Oct 10, 11:23pm GMT

 Trust you are hugging the Danielcode tonight with +~ $5000 in S&P and +~ $2800 in Russell. Nice enough!

FOMC Sep 26, 6:46am GMT

 On Wednesday at 2PM, the FOMC will publish its September rate decision and economic projections, followed at 2:30PM ET by Chair Powell's press conference. Expect more than usual volatility.

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