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6S Oct 07, 11:47pm GMT

 Our 6S program closed Wednesday with Russell at ~+  $4100, Beans at ~ $1100, Sugar at + $510 which is better than it sounds as Sugar margin is ~ $1000, T-Bonds at + $2020 and Wheat at ~+ $1570 so around $9300 mid week. You are welcome to take a free trial of everything at our website. Just follow the link.

Monday's Trading Oct 06, 8:59am GMT

 Monday got us off to a nice start to the week. In Forex we had 5 signals for the day of which 3 were elected and all were profitable. Buy in EUR-JPY made ~ $950, T.03 Buy in EUR-USD made ~ $333 and the Buy in NZD-JPY just did enough for the Buy side to be elected. In Futures we had 6 T.03 and T.03PLUS signals. 5 were elected and all were profitable. T.03PLUS Buy in Germany's DAX made ~ $4030, The T.03PLUS signals for the Buy in Wheat made ~ $570 and the Sell signal in US T-Bonds made ~ $1840. The two remaining turns came on their respective T.03 signals with the Buy in Natural Gas making $640 after being up $1760 earlier and the Buy in Dow made ~ $1300. So some part of $9600 to get us limbered for the upcoming week. Nice enough!

The most rewarding trade was the nice T.03PLUS and 6S Sell for US T-Bonds which had been in a consolidation pattern since 09/08 which we recognised rather belatedly on 09/17 when the marvelous 6S program issued the "Stand Aside" order. So we managed to miss the next 11 days of churning in this market and the charts gave us the all clear to join in again for Monday's big down bar. Sometimes missing those losses is as good as a win itself but joining in at the right time was special.


DC Trade Signals Sep 24, 2:49am GMT

 6S traders finished the day at ~+ $8200 on the short Gold trade and ~+ $1350 on the long US Dollar Index (DX) trade with money in many other markets. Despite the down bars in US Equities and Germny's DAX those markets are still hedging their bets as they decide whether to really give the current downside move some legs. That is dubious on today's price action. Those who took the T.03PLUS Sell signal for DAX on 09/18 are at + $15,580 at today's close while the T.03PLUS Sell for S&P from the same date and the Sell for Russell together with the T.03 Sell in Dow for 09/16 set up trades to today's close in S&P of ~+ $7137, $4290 in Ruissell, $5770 in the Dow short and some part of ~ $7800 in the NASDAQ short triggered by the T.03 Sell signal elected on 09/16 but interrupted by a 1 bar counter trend.

Monday's T.03 Sell in NZD-USD got some legs today to be at ~+ $1980 at today's close while Monday's T.03 Buy for USD-JPY is looking promising. So some part of $54,500 plus a number of other profitable trades depending on the stops you chose. T.03 Sell in AUD-USD for 09/16 is at ~+ $2040 and AUD-JPY short is still giving. On any version it makes another nice week with more to go!

The Week That Was Sep 21, 7:56am GMT

 Equities are having a deep think about whether to go lower and make the correction have some meaning, US T-Bonds are snoozing and Oil, Wheat and Sotbeans rattled home late in the week to add spice to the 6S numbers. Crude Oil closed the week at ~+ $3350, Wheat added $1750 in two days and Soybeans added ~ $1880 to go with the previous upside trades of  $1650, $2050 and $950 all since 08/12 which came after our short trade of ~ $1200. Made a nice addition. Sugar rolled to the March 2021 contract and rattled up ~ $810 in four days. That may seem modest but this is a market with a margin of $1047 so we are talking about 77% on margin and that is always a decent return with likely more to come. #11 Sugar trades on the ICE exchange.

It's Da Moon! Sep 04, 4:49am GMT

 Today our rewards to enjoy over the holiday weekend arrived on target and on time. Best of these was the T.03 and Blue line Sell signal for S&P posted at 8PM on Tuesday evening for Wednesday and Thursday’s trading which enjoyed the full moon and 5 separate expiring daily time cycles to elect its DC Sell signal and give up ~117 points or ~ $5700 after being down more than $7500 at one stage. As DC traders know all US Equities are so correlated that a DC trade signal in one can be traded in any other provided that the trade is elected but tp ensure that you got the very best value we also posted on Wednesday evening DC Sell signals for NASDAQ and Russell. NQ made some part of $12000 close to close and over $7300 on the DC signal and Russell lost ~42 points.

The Blue line signals are the strongest of all DC signals and to the above you can add the DC Blue line Buy for USD-CAD elected on Wednesday, Monday evening’s Blue line Sell for EUR-USD, and the respective Blue line and T.03 Sell signals for AUD-USD and NZD-USD both elected on Wednesday and still going as was the DC Sell for EUR-USD. Blue line and T.03 Sells for GBP-CHF and GBP-JPY were posted Tuesday evening and elected on Wednesday and we are still in both those trades. The big down bar in CAD-CHF today was the reaction to DC Blue line and T.03 Sell signals posted on Wednesday evening for action on Thursday as was the big up bar today in EUR-AUD in response to the DC Blue line and T.03 Buy signals also posted Wednesday evening for action on Thursday. Nice enough.

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