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The Number of The Beast

Turns, Trends & Targets

2017 Christmas Special

Peak Aggro or Peak Stupidity Jan 18, 8:54am GMT

 Apologies to those who were patient enough to sit through today's audio challenged webinar Peak Aggro or Peak Stupidity. I have re-recorded the whole webinar this time without audio issues and it will be posted at left tomorrow. Enjoy!

Martin Luther King Holiday Jan 17, 1:17am GMT

 Most US markets will be closed for the Martin Luther King day holiday on Monday 01/21. There will be no T.03 or PLUS signals for that day and as we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday the next trade signals after the holiday will be on Tuesday evening for Wednesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal.

Welcome to 2019 Jan 03, 12:03am GMT

 The Christmas-New Year break is over and I trust you are all well and refreshed as we start trading for 2019. Regretably we start the year with a delay in EOD data so please be patient as the daily DC signals including 6S are hanging on our data provider, now 30 minutes delayed and signals will be delayed accordingly.

Christmas 2018 Dec 23, 11:43pm GMT

 Most US markets will close at 1300 on Monday 12/24  and we will be closed for the Christmas week. Members charts will be updated today and will continue to be updated as normal. Next trade signals will be on the evening of 01/03/2019.

On Thursday 12/27/18 we will have our usual end of year DC Christmas Special webinar where we will wrap up the big events of 2018 and prognosticate about the probabilities for 2019. Invitations will be out shortly. I trust that all of you have a marvelous Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Get Flat on all positions.

S&P And The Travelling Man Dec 04, 10:59pm GMT

 "Over the hills and far away" is a phrase that I use to let DC Members know that I am travelling interstate or overseas and today,  Tuesday 12/04 was such a day. Thankfully I don't travel much as the rigour of trading demands an established protocol and at least some support from a number of supporting programs. Today I had to be interstate and juggle with the vagaries of air travel, traffic woes and the myriad of issues that most commuters face so Tuesday early AM which is Monday evening in US I set off on my appointed rounds and finished up in a dysfunctional airport juggling a single laptop and striving to hold a weak wireless signal to download Monday's EOD data whilst trying to ignore the noise and bustle of the happy hordes who presumably are heading on holidays. In these circumstances I post only the strongest and clearest signals for DC Members as the subtlety of correlations and momo studies etc are not available. 

So I posted only three Futures signals but one of them was to sell the S&P on Tuesday and under our correlation rules that meant that Members should sell any of the major US indices. Back at base after a 24 hour turnaround the mood is joyous after S&P gave up 3% to comply with its DC sell signal. What this shows again is that everything we need to know in order to frame our daily trade signals is captured by the last daily bar on any chart. Monday's gap up reversal bar whilst overbought on many timeframes said it all. I trust you all filled up your Equity curve. Simply put we recommended a buy for Monday 11/26 and the sell on Tuesday to capture all of the rally and mark Monday 12/03 as its top to start off what will be a wild and wooly Decembers trading. Nice enough!

And take a look at the Members chart for ES. The famous DC Black line at 2797 told the story as it rejected the optimistically charged final bar in the rally. The DC Black line is the final level of support/resistance in any market and of course the near 100% retracement in the rally set up the DC Hook trade for those who knew. And Monday's high was just 6 ticks from the DC Red line at 2815.50. Fun!!

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