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Fri 5/20 - 6 signal(s)
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Fri 5/20 - 17 signal(s)
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Memorial Day May 19, 11:38pm GMT

 US markets will be closed on Monday 05/30 for the Memorial Day Holiday. 

Correlated Delight May 19, 1:30am GMT

 I often talk to you about correlated markets and show examples at our bi-monthly webinars and Wednesday gave us great trades but even better correlated trades. As I have told you the correlated markets trades are often better than the direct trade in the market which creates the DC trade signal and such was the case today with the short trades in Equities with Nasdaq down ~ $6600, S&P down $4300, Dow down $3760 and Russell down just $420 all correlated to Wednesday's T.03 Sell signal in the DAX. In the same vein, GBP-CHF made ~ $1300 on its T.03 Sell signal with the correlations following Suit. The T.03 Buy in USD-CAD was elected for ~ $240 but also set up the correlations in AUD and NZD and the big trades in CAD-CHF and CAD-JPY. If you don't understand how to trade the correlations make sure you catch Thursday's DC webinar TrendMe. You can register at left.

The Lovely Lollie May 17, 11:44pm GMT

 Current 6S trades most of which are also T.03 or T.03+ trades kept improving today. Oil closed Wednesday at ~+ $6300, short DX is at $800, long S&P Emini is at $2100, long Coffee is $4400, long Nat Gas is at $6700, long Russell is $1700, Sugar is challenging its DC Black line at + $1400, short T-Bonds is making money and Wheat made a half hearted effort to close Monday's gap and then itself roared up to close at $8600 on our current long trade. GBP-USD is at + $2300 on Friday's T.03 and Blue line Buy with USD-CAD down 3 days from our T.03 and Blue line Sell signal from Friday. Both the Aussie dollar and Kiwi are up on their respective T.03 signals with Euro showing strength after a long battering. 

The Joys of Diversification May 17, 7:47am GMT

 The fact that we cover so many markets from Forex (you can use the Forex signals to trade Currency Futures) to Equities, Currency Futures (DX), Metals, Crude Oil and Natural Gas, Wheat and Soybeans, US T-Bonds, Crude Oil and the Softs Coffee and Sugar is certainly paying dividends for you as Forex continues with big trades in the volatile pairs, Equities struggles for direction but keeps responding to our T.03 and T.03PLUS signals which together with our popular 6S signals saw our recent long trade in Oil close today at ~ $7700, with Coffee, Gold and Nat gas trades all profitable and both Sugar and Wheat gapping to new highs on their current 6S and T.03 trades with our current long Wheat trade closing at ~ $7000 in just four days. YUM!

Forex Charts May 13, 2:01am GMT

 Big FX moves have run off some of our Members Charts. Updates will be posted shortly.

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