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2017 Christmas Special

Easter Holiday Mar 30, 1:30am GMT

 It is already Good Friday Down Under and just a few hours before the Easter holiday starts in US. Futures markets are closed on Friday but open on Monday when volume will be subdued. Forex trades as normal. As usual we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday so next T.03 and PLUS signals well be issued on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading.

The Decision Dilemma Mar 27, 4:06am GMT

 Against a background of pessimism over Equity market performance for the prior week and commentators bleating about Black Monday to come after Black Friday, it was with a mild degree of apprehension that the charts, when we created Monday's DC Trade Signals at 7:30PM on Sunday night were roaring for the probability of a snap back reversal on Monday (03/26) but our mandate is always to follow the charts in the certain knowledge that all news and information whether public or not is already contained in the charts. Thus we published Buy signals on Sunday evening for Monday's trading for S&P +62.0, NASDAQ +221.75, Dow +590. Other nice signals posted Sunday evening and elected on Monday were Buy EUR-JPY +1.785, Buy GBP-JPY +1.978, Buy NZD-JPY +1.160 and Buy USD-JPY.

Nice enough!

St Patrick's Day Mar 16, 11:28pm GMT 

Go to the link, press start and enjoy. Home of the World's second best Rugby team!!

Presidents Day Holiday Feb 17, 3:08am GMT

 Most US Futures markets will be closed on Monday 02/19 for the Presidents Day Holiday. Forex well trade as normal but well likely be thin. As we always require a full trading day after a market holiday to reset the charts there will be no DC trade signals for Monday or Tuesday and the next T.03 and PLUS signals well be posted on Tuesday evening for Friday's trading. As there is so much drama in Equities right now, I will make a post in Forum on Monday evening to give Members some informal guidance of what markets are likely to do. US Equities have been hitting some important DC numbers which likely give interesting setups for Tuesday.

All The Fun of The Fair Feb 06, 2:39am GMT

 We are +$13,500 in the DOW, +$11,780 in NASDAQ, +$13,100 in the S&P and long today in T Bonds. Best for DC Members today are +$4,020 from the 01/30 SELL in Nat Gas which gave us a trend change signal as well and +$3,080 from today's PLUS SELL signal in GBP-JPY and $1700 on the PLUS SELL for EUR-JPY. Such fun!! Terry will post updated charts for Equities in the next few hours and also post the charts from the above comments.

Home/News     |     What is DC?     |     Services     |     Articles     |     Videos     |     Trading Reports