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Thu 6/27 - 14 signal(s)

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2017 Christmas Special

More Goodies Jun 27, 2:02am GMT

 In our 6S program Oil closed today at ~+ $6380, Gold stopped out at ~+ $6800, Heating Oil was ~+ $5800 at the close and more in Equities, Sugar, Coffee etc. Ask Terry at for your free trial of all 14 markets we cover in 6S and decide for yourself.

The Lovely Vol Jun 24, 11:38pm GMT

 Trading is always nice but particularly rewarding when vol is rising. At today;s close Gold on the 6S program is ~+ $7800, Oil is ~+ $4900 and DX at ~+ $1300. 

6S and FOMC Jun 19, 12:09am GMT

 Despite Draghi's cold water the 6S markets close strongly into Tuesday's close but FOMC announcement on Wednesday still threatens. All trades are always for 1 contract as DX closed for ~+ 800 this trade, Coffee at ~+ $1100, Palladium at ~+ $12700, and Russell at ~ + $1500 plus of course some $s in Oil, Nat Gas, NASDAQ, Soybeans at ~+ $1500 and Wheat closed out its long trade at ~+ $1450.

FOMC on 6/19 Jun 18, 7:32am GMT

 FOMC is having a 2 day meeting this week culminating in any policy adjustment on Wednesday PM. This meeting appears to be more interesting than most with Bond and Equity markets viewed as being violently diverged so we will likely get a burst of volatility around Wednesday's announcement. Unlike most commentators I view the Bond and Equity markets as generally aligned with Bonds pushing past the Fed's dot plan to suggest two or more interest rate reduction this year and Equities being generally priced to perfection and then some! The apparent divergence only comes when you think what Bonds are signaling. 

High Equities and low interest rates are Trunp's mantra and with his campaign about to start we don't see any likelyhood of that changing. How much does Trump control the Fed? He has been pretty persuasive so far.

Vol=Profit Jun 16, 11:36pm GMT

 Still more goodies frpm 6S as the big drama bar in US Dollar Index sparks many markets. About $750 from Friday's gift in DX and current Palladium trade is at $10900 into Friday's close with Wheat trade past $1500. YUM!

Home/News     |     What is DC?     |     Services     |     Articles     |     Videos     |     Trading Reports