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Best Today Apr 03, 3:25am GMT

 Best trades for Thursday 04/02 came from our T.03 PLUS Daily Buy signal for Oil which rallied 25% for its biggest one day rise in history. The Buy signal posted om Wednesday at 7:33PM USET was elected and ran up 584 ticks worth $5840 per one contract before easing off some into the close. We also had T.03 and PLUS Buy signals for Gold and Silver with Gold ~+ $2280 and Silver ~+ $1825 into Thursday's close.

Our Trade Programs Mar 20, 1:17am GMT

 Having called the February high in S&P EMini to the day and within just 5 tics from the DC target Blue line this market which is the broad measure of equities' health has pulled back on the long term 24 day chart to the 4th DC downside standard deviation of the mean exactly as we suggested in the "Days of Wine & Roses" webinar from last week which is posted at left and it is fighting like a mad dog to hold the 37.5% retracement on a closing basis. Best trade today was getting stopped on the Buy signal in Wheat for over $1100 something I never mind. AUD-USD short is at $5730 to Thursday's close and our T.03 and Blue line Sell for GBP-USD on 03/10 is at $14870. US Dollar Index which measures USD against a basket of currencies is +$7495 from its 03/10T.03 and Blue line signal and Gold is at +$18500 from its T.03 Sell posted 03/09 for execution on 03/10.

Equities continue to star with S&P EMini at +$27100 at today's close whilst having returned $50487 in three trades from 02/20. Russell is similar with +$19245 to today's close on the current 6S and PLUS trades. Russell has returned $27800 in the two short trades since 02/20. Sugar is at $3600 on a big run down which kicked in with the outside bar stop and reverse on 03/02 from the 6S signals.

More Wine & Many Roses Mar 17, 12:06am GMT

 Markets continued their great runs for us and at Monday's close (03/16) the 6S signals on the 11 markets we cover for that program were showing ~+ $67000 with some small losses on Crude Oil, Nat Gas and T-Bonds totalling < $2000 so much to celebrate! 

T.03 and PLUS Signals Star Mar 11, 12:07am GMT

 Best for Tuesday was the Blue line and T.03 Sell signals for GBP-USD posted Monday evening for execution Tuesday which was elected and made ~+ $1240 into the close. Other Forex signals elected today were Sell EUR-USD, Buy USD-JPY on a Blue line and T.03 signal. Futures trades elected were the Blue line and T.03 Buy in DX the US Dollar index, T.03 Sell for Gold, T,03 Buy in Corn and Coffee and the Blue line Sell for T-Bonds.

Charts Updated Mar 10, 3:00pm GMT

There are new Forex Charts available as well as S&P 500, Russell and Sugar.

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