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Thanksgiving 2020 Nov 26, 12:02am GMT

 US markets are closed on Thursday 11/26 for the Thanksgiving Holiday and some markets close early on the Friday. Forex will trade as normal but volume will be light. As we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday the next DC signals will be posted on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading. Futures charts were updated yesterday and Forex charts will be upgraded later. Get flat or at least make sure your stops are in place. Enjoy the break.

6S Nov 25, 1:09am GMT

 Futures markets sparked today with our 6S program leading the way. In 6S Oil closed at ~+ $2750, S&P Emini is at $2500, Gold closed the day at + $5500, Coffee is + $1700, Nat Gas at $600 and some $s for Sugar and US T-Bonds. On our T.03 and PLUS signals Copper is best at $2050 to today’s close followed by $962 in AUD-JPY and ~ $500 in USD-JPY.

Markets Today Nov 24, 8:40am GMT

 Forex and currency markets remained subdued last week but Monday’s price action caused a buzz as markets reacted to the news that the Oxford University AstraZeneca COVID-19 trial vaccination was showing great prospects with up to 90% efficacy. It has added benefits that it can be easily transported and stored with conventional refrigeration whereas the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna both require very specialised equipment to maintain the incredibly low temperatures that those vaccines demand. And as an added bonus the Oxford Uni vaccine will cost about 10% of the expected price for the US versions of Pfizer and Moderna.

More likely the markets were excited by the announcement that Janet Yellen ex Governor of the US Federal Reserve is to be Biden’s Treasury Secretary and likely the stimulus valves will be fully opened. Yellen of course was Governor during the global financial crisis and is well versed in market stimulus.

Today’s up bar in US Dollar Index (DX) gave at least a hint of some stability and perhaps strength in DX which is badly needed. Euro showed strength on most cross rates but was bludgeoned by USD. GBP fared better. Gold sold off as it often does against Dollar strength.

The 4th Seal; from Forum Nov 19, 4:42am GMT


frank (Subscriber)
As I read through daily comments I find it more and more insane, even crazy, how some of the most hyped CEO's of even more hyped companies have absolutely no idea about markets. Take a look at this video of Softbank CEO Masa Son.

Do you honestly think this guy is worth his monthly paycheck? If the board of directors and CEO of Softbank would just resign and management buys a Danielcode subscription they would save themselves a ton of money and actually know when to buy or sell a company. We live in crazy times.
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frank (Subscriber)
The 6day 59 death cycle is now confirmed by the swing high late January. The fact that SPX is now trying to make new highs adds even more weight to this cycle and is a huge warning for next year. As for the situation now the SPX is not out of the woods yet as there is another 59 cycle top coming up on 2/13. we are again at the 3rd standard deviation of the regression channel with a 59 cycle top coming up late this week.
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frank (Subscriber)
US equities are entering a very important inflection point. We are ticks away from the 3rd standard deviation on the long term DC regression channel on all time frames and we are entering 2 separate 59 topping cycles in the last 2 DC weeks of January. On top of that the last 2 weeks of this month on the 6 day chart are 59 periods away from the 59 death cycle on our 24 day chart for May 2021. If we get a high here it will confirm again that the death cycle for 2021 is a very solid and dangerous warning for global equities. The next 2 weeks are going to reveal a ton of clues for the DC.
This Week Nov 18, 7:31am GMT

US Equities at or near all time highs are euphoric over the COVID-19 vaccine success from first Pfizer and then Moderna. Normally this type of news would spark a relief rally after the markets had been depressed for a while. But that’s not the case here. The initial reaction to COVID in February was rapidly reversed making that pullback the shortest bear market in history and since then Equities have treated bad news as good news and good news as better news. That’s what happens in strong trends.

In our 6S trading in S&P Emini we returned ~ $6700 in the 5-day rundown to 10/30 then ~ $10950 for the 6 day rally up to the 11/09 spike which lead to small losses around the 3 day shuffle from11/10 to 11/12 then ~+ $1450 into today’s close. Coffee made $1800 to Thursday’s low where we were stopped on Friday’s (11/3) one day countertrend. It’s now + $2300 into today’s close with increased momentum. Russell is ~+ 2400 on the past 3 days. 6S on Soybeans is near + $4500 after being interrupted by a 1-day countertrend on 11/12. US T-Bonds has made ~ $3500 since 11/06 interrupted at near break even on its 1-bar countertrend on 11/16.

On the T.03 and PLUS front Corn is at $350, DX is short with $450 as the Dollar decides whether it is going lower. DC Black line support, the last level of support for any swing is at 92.240 and this market closed today at 92.250 keeping us in suspense! 

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