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T.03 Signals
Fri 5/26 - 7 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Fri 5/26 - 13 signal(s)

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The Darling Buds of May

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From Forum May 23, 12:02am GMT

JCN ()

May 22, 2017 - 11:51pm GMT

 minutes ago

Nice example from today's US T Bonds chart Akhtar, see Members Charts dated 22 May 2017. 05/11 gave us a PLUS Buy signal that was an "R" trade when created. The trade was elected on 05/12. Now take a look at that bar which was a Friday. Can you find a reason to classify 05/12 as giving you a high probability trend change? Also look closely at the 05/11 setup bar. The low is at 150^07 against the DC Blue line at 150^07 hence zero variance and a key reversal bar to boot. The precise DC target recognition at least raises the possibility that this is a variant of a standard Blue line Buy. We have the other requirements in place ie both fast and slow stochs oversold and big momentum failure on our prop momentum indicator. So we have all of the Blue line reversal indicators in place with just the bar's shape making it a PLUS Buy rather than a Blue line Buy.

At the 05/12 close we have a high probability trend change and so this is a trade that we want to hold with a progressive stop or until the next trade signal is elected. Now 7 trading days later we have 91 ticks and $2843 per 1 contract in this trade. Does that work for you? Remember the first question you ask each evening is what is the TREND. Now trend is always a function of the time setting we are using but for us, daily trend is the determining factor and 05/12 gave us the conditions to classify it as a high probability trend change. Hope this gives you clarity.


JCN ()

May 19, 2017 - 7:27am GMT
3 days ago

All depends on TREND Akhtar. If the trade is listed as R it is prima facie against the trend so default is to exit FPC. But often you will see with these PLUS signals that they can create a change of trend in 1-3 bars. If you can identify a change of trend then hold as you have described, if not then use the default exit FPC.

For those who have done or are doing the TIME trading Tutorial you know how to identify early probable trend changes and you also know that new TIME signals can happen at any time.

3 Trades are by default with the trend so give greater consideration to holding those trades.

Trend is a function of the time basis you are looking at and for the PLUS signals of R and 3 the time that we are using for trend is slower than we use for TIME trading. Post here with general questions but please email me with Tutorial specific questions.


ak9 (Guest)

May 18, 2017 - 12:32pm GMT
4 days ago

JCN. On R and 3 trades, do we always exit at FPC or can we stay longer in the trade and follow GMAJ, CTP protocol. I was thinking the 5,3 protocol. 2 bar trailing and then 1 bar after OB/OS.

PS: The Blue lines that you see on this chart were on this Members chart days and sometimes weeks before the market got there. That's what the DC numbers are all about.

Wednesday + Vol May 17, 9:27pm GMT
Friday’s PLUS Buy in T Bonds has turned into something useful with 4 days up for 91 ticks and $2800 with Corn and Coffee both responding to their PLUS Buy signals from Tuesday evening to add to the cheer. Wheat closed out Monday’s PLUS Sell with its own PLUS Buy but the biggies came with Vol which gapped and ran up almost 5 handles to the shock of the less nimble. But no shocks here as we were well primed here with Tuesday evening’s signals roaring; T.03 Sell in NASDAQ for + 144 and PLUS Sell signals for S&P +39.75, Russell + 38.1 from an inside bar and ditto Germany’s DAX for about +253. In Forex the Blue line Sell for EUR-JPY was best of the turners for about 170 ticks. Pretty much got the lot and I trust you are all happily counting the lovely lolly. If you did not see these signals which set up on Tuesday’s close and were posted for Members at 7:30 on Tuesday evening you are most welcome to take a free trial with us to find out how.
Perfection May 12, 2:36am GMT

 The perfection of markets price recognition of the DC numbers continues to astound me even after 25 years. If you missed today's webinar "The Darling Buds of May" you can see the recording to be posted shortly. Get a taste of trading TIME. It is not what you think.

Knowing The Future From Futures May 04, 2:49am GMT

 Dalian Iron Ore in China is limit down at the open (8%) according to ZH and this impiles further weakness for the Aussie Dollar which is particularly sensitive to Iron Ore pricing. So that's this evening's big news but better news was to know it before it happened. And whilst we can't claim that laurel as we don't cover Iron Ore, we can at least show you the canary from the Aussie currency fully 24 hours before this item. On Tuesday AUD-USD made its high at 7556 against the DC retracement of the major swing at 7556 for zero variance which again highlights the accuracy of the DC numbers and this together with the other elements that make up our proprietary T.03 signals caused a T.03 Sell signal to be created in this Forex pair which was posted for members at 7:30PM on Tuesday evening. The short trade was elected on Wednesday for some part of 112 ticks. 

Take a look at the other biggies from Wednesday caught by our posted trade signals: AUD-JPY Sell, EUR-AUD Buy, Sell Aussie SPI (TN code is AP) for a nice pullback in the major Aussie Share Price Index and of course the nice sell off in Copper cause by our T.03 Sell signal on Tuesday which returned an inside bar before diving 9.20 on Wednesday. And Gold caught down to Silver starting on Monday as we describe in our Forum post for Members and Guests. Monday's Buy signal for Beans is still running and Monday's TIME Sell in Oil continues to reward. Nice enough.

Follow The Danielcode May 03, 12:23pm GMT

 Danielcode Members had an early start today with the T.03 Sell signal for the Aussie SPI 200 Futures contract. The benchmark S&P/ASX 200 index dropped 58 points, or 1 per cent, to 5892.

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