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6S Sep 26, 11:47pm GMT

 The markets we follow in our 6S program closed Monday with a total of ~ $43000 and it's not the Equities that are starring as their moves are still constrained. Best on an earning to margin basis are US Dollar index (DX) which closed today for ~ $4200 and our US T-Bonds short trade now at ~ $6900. Those are both enormous trades. S&P Emini closed at $8900, Crude closed the day at $6300, Gold still muted but contributed ~ $2700, Russell at $5700, Beans at $1800 and Wheat at ~ $1600. Most are T.03 and T.03+ trades as well. Love that!

What Were They Thinking? Sep 14, 12:09am GMT

"Nobody had a clue about the CPI print and the reaction after, but here we are. SPX is crashing below the 50 and 100 day. 3900 is the short term must hold level to watch. CTAs continue selling lows and buying highs, just as the short gamma crowd is doing. This market is frustrating the masses and creating huge p/l pain." Zero Hedge

Big surprise for the great unwashed in Equities today as a result of the CPI print but more importantly the DC buy signals for the US dollar index. Dollar strength today was so obvious that I posted two consecutive buy signal on consecutive days to buy on Monday and Tuesday and ensure you were on the right side of today’s trades.. That trade was elected today and stands at about $1000 whilst the sell signals in EUR-USD, GBP-USD, NZD-USD and the USD-JPY buy all made big money. We had sell signals for Gold, S&P, Copper, Natural Gas, NASDAQ, Russell and the Dow. Lots of lovely lolly for those of you who follow the Danielcode and not much for everyone else. All those CTA's, options guys and hedgies few of whom actually know how to trade got a nasty bite but that is what happens if you do not follow the ever accurate Danielcode. Once again the DC signals were correct on the CPI movement. That often happens. More later.

Harvest Moon Sep 13, 7:09am GMT

 Saturday 09/10 gave us a magnificent Harvest Moon and how spectacular it was. But those extra big moons affext folks in different ways. If it left you feeling other than a model of happiness then 6S and the other DC signals have given you plenty to smile about. Soybeans on the second day of its long trade was the standout with a giant bar returning $4500 on Monday's close. S&P and Russell continued their modest rally for $6400 and ~ $3500 respectively whilst Crude Oil at ~ $3500 and US Dollar Index (DX) at ~ $1800 with ICE doubling marginn to $2000. Makes you happy!

Is That The Low Sep 07, 11:57pm GMT

 Lots of drama in markets today with Equities struggling to post an up bar amid usual condemnation that we haven't seen enough carnage in these markets to mark a low with the usual suspects looking for capitulation before expecting a bottom. We will take a more educated look at Equities in Thursday's free webinar. Register at left.

Forex is roaring with big trades around EUR in particular whilst JPY is still creating its own micro climate as any pair with JPY is roaring. 6S captured the Crude Oil short to close the day at ~ $4800, Coffee short sits at $3900 and our all start Nat Gas trade is at $7700. 

US Labor Day Sep 01, 11:10pm GMT

 Most US markets will be closed on Monday 09/05 for the Labor Day holiday. Next DC trade signals will be posted Monday evening for Tuesday trading. Forex will trade as normal.

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