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Wednesday's Trading Feb 18, 12:59am GMT

 Our 6S and T.03 short Gold trade from 02/11 managed to get through the holiday without a significant counter trend and closed today at ~+ $6100 in the 6S program and the same for the T.03 trade. Copper, AUD-JPY, CAD-CHF, CAD-JPY, GBP-USD and NZD-JPY all elected their respective signals from Tuesday evening with CAD-CHF doing best as it charged to its Blue line at .7080. Makes a nice start to this holiday shortened week.

Presidents Day Holiday Feb 13, 12:52am GMT

 US markets will be closed on Monday for the Presidents Day holiday. There will be no DC trade signals for Monday and as we always require a full trading day to reset the charts after a market holiday, the next DC trade signals will be posted Tuesday evening for Wednesday trading. If you have open positions make sure your stops are active.

6S Signals Delayed Feb 12, 12:22am GMT

UPDATE: TN data has been corrected. Run a new daily download to correct your data. 6S signals for Friday 02/12 follow shortly.

On today's EOD download we have some obviously bad data on grains, Oil and Silver. 6S signals will be delayed until we get a fresh download from TN and that will be after tuday's webinar so check back here in 2-3 hours please.

A Lot For A Little Feb 10, 9:33am GMT

 Our 6S program kept the $s rolling into Tuesday’s close. Our long Crude Oil trade was at ~+ $4600, DX at ~ $680, S&P Emini at $3870, Gold at $2150 after banking $1740 on the previous short trade or $3920 if you took the “Valid to exit” advice after last Thursday’s close, Natural Gas at $590, Russell at ~ $8850 and a few $s from Beans and Coffee. T Bonds closed its short trade at $1812. So some part of ~ $26500 just in our current trades from the 6S signals alone. Of course many of those trades were also T.03 and PLUS trades as well.

Nice numbers. You are welcome to subscribe any time. Our DC Website Super subscription gets you all of the 11 Daily 6S signals and the long term outlook from The 4th Seal and of course our famous T.03, PLUS and Blue line trades, Members Charts and the DC Trading tools. At $115 per week it seems like a lot for a little!

Blue Line Babies & 6S Feb 05, 12:51am GMT

 We currently have 9 DC Blue line signals current spread across Forex and Futures and I can't recall that we have ever had this many Blue line signals current at one time! Remember that the DC Blue line signals are current for 3 days including the day of posting so we can look forward to more exciting reversals in the next few days. Our 6S daily signals have made up ground as the week progressed with Crude Oil closing Thursday at ~+ $2450, DX at $800, Gold at ~ $3900, Russell at $4100 and our short trade in US T-Bonds closing the day at ~+ $1750. Nice enough.

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