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6S Today Jun 15, 12:45am GMT

Our 6S program continues to harvest the lollie on those better performing markets. Natural Gas closed today with ~+ $2300, our short Soybeans trade stands at + $3100 and US T-Bonds reversed its long trade today for a ~ $2500 contribution and is up ~ $680 on today's short trade. Good stuff to keep profits flowing as we wait for the main show to break out.

Mala Tempora Currunt Jun 07, 10:41pm GMT

 From Frank DB in Forum today:

We are closing in on the important and major 59 death cycle coming up in June 2021 in the SPX market. I write you this message to make sure you have read our previous written articles on this setup that has been on our focus for over a year and a half now so you understand the gravity of it. We are about to make history in global financial markets. Perhaps you wonder how it must be impossible to predict highs and lows in markets with precision that far ahead. I understand where you come from. I was there myself. But after more than a decade of study in Danielcode time I learned some amazing stuff about markets. This coming setup in equities is my opportunity to demonstrate to you how enormously big and deep the discovery of the Danielcode is and how it rules everything everywhere at all times.

This setup is historic in the sense that it has the potential to derail the system we have been accustomed to. Many articles and opinions are and have been written about how this printing of money (which is essential just creating reserves) will create or is creating inflation, hyperinflation, deflation or something in between. However all of these inputs are useless to us. The truth is that nobody knows what will happen and that these opinions will not help us to see upcoming turns in the market nor are they able to explain after the fact why a turn happened. Markets turn on Danielcode time. "When" is way more important than "how", "where" or "why". I consider myself very priviledged having been exposed to the DC project and being able to learn about these numbers and time cycles. It's an ongoing study that has revealed amazing knowlegde to me. I consider myself blessed.

Be warned for this setup. The 59 cycle runs on the 24 day chart. These cycles run with a variance of +- 1 period giving us the closing or momentum high for the move. If this death cyle bites (and it will) you must understand that from a DC time perspective there is no support on the 24 day chart until 2024. This means we could enter a major bear market in equities that may run for a long time. Coming from a crazy financial system where central banks were able to push the market to inflate everything into the stratosphere you sure understand the implications of this.

The Danielcode will be our guide through this setup. Markets track DC time and DC price with enormous precision and when volatility rises so does this precision. Coming years we will need the DC numbers more than ever. I have endless faith in them.

“I find rest in God, only He gives me hope. He is my rock and my salvation. He is my
defender, I will not be defeated. My honor and salvation come from God. He is my mighty
rock and my protection.” Psalm 62:5-7

My dear friends, do not take this setup lightly. We are at the end. The bear is about to wake up. And he is hungry. He is going to change the life of everyone. It's time to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. May God bless us all, we are going to need it. I will do my best in the 4th Seal updates to pinpoint the turn the week it happens. Stay tuned ...

All the best,

"You can never call the end of a bubble to a few weeks or a few months"
investment legend Jeremy Grantham

"Markets are perfectly mathematically organized and sometimes even predictable"
discoverer of the DanielCode John Needham

Chart Archives Jun 05, 3:00am GMT

 At Thursday's webinar we had a few comments that the Chart Archives were not updating with the latest updates showing as April. In fact the Chart Archives are updating perfectly but to see the latest updates you need to be logged in to the DC website either as a Member or Guest. In fact the Chart Archives update as soon as any new chart is released and they are a most valuable resource. There are over 40,000 charts in our archives and any question you may ever have about markets can be found in those archives which comprise every chart I have created since the website launched in 2008.

Memorial Day Holiday May 30, 7:17am GMT

 Most US markets will be closed on Monday 05/31 for the Memorial Day holiday. Forex will trade as normal. As we always require a full day of trading after a market holiday to reset the charts the next DC trade signals will be posted on Tuesday evening for Wednesday's trading. Act accordingly.

The 4th Seal May 25, 9:53am GMT

 Don't miss today's update of The 4th Seal from Frank DB. Particularly read the comments on S&P and Gold.

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