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T.03 Signals
Thu 1/20 - 8 signal(s)
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Thu 1/20 - 13 signal(s)
6S Signals
Thu 1/20 - 14 signal(s)

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The Joy of Diversification Jan 20, 3:00am GMT

 The reason we trade a wide range of markets is so we are always trading some markets that are trending. Equally if we miss one trade the others compensate us. Such is the case with our current group of trades which spectacularly miss the current three day pullback in Equities but compensate us with Tuesday's  T.03PLUS sell in EUR-AUD for ~ $474 and short today in USD-JPY. Futures gave $HUI T.03 Buy to the moon, T.03 buy today in Gold for $2500, plus Buy in Copper for ~ $500, T.03 Buy in Beans for $1150 today, T.03 Buy signal for Wheat on Tuesday which was elected and sits today at $2850.

6S sits at ~ $12000 with biggest wins in Crude Oil ~ $6400 or $6800 depending when you rolled, Gold ~ $3100, long Nat Gas at $1500 and Wheat near $1200. Great stuff that diversification!

4th Seal Updates Jan 17, 8:29am GMT

 The 4th Seal analysis in S&P, Gold and Crude Oil are updated and contain significant new turn dates. S&P and Gold are at significant risk soon. Read the anlysis now.

Martin Luther King Holiday Jan 15, 12:11am GMT

 Most US markets will be closed on Monday 01/17 for the Martin Luther King Holiday. Forex markets will trade as normal.

The 4th Seal Jan 10, 2:04am GMT

 More than usually important information in this week's 4th Seal report which Frank has just updated. Gold is telling us a lot about the PM cycle and its inversely correlated US Dollar index (DX). The big question of whether the US Fed will tank the Equity markets or the US Dollar has the seeds of an answer in the current Gold chart. Don't miss it. Crude Oil is at an important point and of course we all want to be doing plenty of thinking about the S&P charts which are close to revealing the next move.

Last Week Jan 09, 11:50pm GMT

 6S program closed Friday at ~+ $15400. Best were Oil at (all ~) $1400, ES at $4800, Gold at $1000, Coffee at $2500, Russell at $3700, US T-Bonds at $4300 and Wheat at $2300. T.03 and PLUS signals benefited accordingly. Take a look. We have much to talk about at Thursday's upcoming webinar. Invitations issued shortly.

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