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Updated Apr. 14
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Easter Holiday Mar 29, 12:00am GMT

 Most markets are closed on Friday March 29 2024 which is Good Friday. As we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday the next DC trade signals will be issued after Monday's close for Tuesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal.

More @yahoo Issues Mar 26, 6:21am GMT

 Christopher, Kevin and others with an @yahoo email address please note that many of these emails are not taking deliveries from Danielcode. If you havs an @yahoo email and are expecting contact from me please advise another email address.

Six Day Charts Are The Future Mar 24, 1:52am GMT

 If you are a serious trader you should be at least scanning important trading markets for future possibilities and this is where our proprietary six day charts shine. Perhaps you think Gold's recent rally was an aberration or unexpected. Likely you had no idea where its probable limits were. Now take a look at this six day chart from 7 March 2024. Look particularly at the upper Blue line which most of you are familiar with. It is at 2247.3

Now see the current chart issued on Saturday

You will see the same thing in S&P making its latest six bar close within just 7 tics from a Danielcode target that first appeared on these charts on 3 March 2024, Crude Oil making its high within 10 tics of a Blue line that first appeared in the charts issued during December 2023.  US T-Bonds are doing much the same. Is it valuable to know these possible targets weeks and often months before markets approach them? If you are a serious trader and analyst this information is vital. The six day charts are part of our DC Website Super package. Email me if you would like to gain an important edge and have these charts emailed to you twice weekly.

Crude Oil, Nat Gas and Gold have Rolled Mar 20, 8:58am GMT

 Crude Oil and Natural Gas have both rolled to their May contracts whilst Gold has rolled to its June contract. Updated Members Charts have just been completed and Terry will post in AM. Make sure you are using the new DC numbers.

Saint Patrick's Day Mar 18, 2:40am GMT

 Here again now. And still important!


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