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Thu 1/21 - 15 signal(s)
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Thu 1/21 - 19 signal(s)
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Martin Luther King Holiday Jan 16, 12:02am GMT

 Most US markets will be closed on Monday 01/18/2021 in observance of the Martin Luther King Holiday. and we will be closed also. Forex will trade as normal. As we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday the next DC trade signals will be posted on Tuesday evening for Wednesday's trading. If you are holding open positions, make sure your stops are active and correctly positioned.

The 4th Seal 2021 Forecast Jan 15, 2:57am GMT

 I may have inadvertantly mislead you about the links to The 4th Seal Article containing the Forecast for 2021 from Frank DB. The link under Articles of "2021"is in fact the forecast for 2020. The new forecast for 2021 is at the link called "Massacre of The Bulls" on the left below the notice for today's webinar. Enjoy!

Last Week Jan 11, 8:19am GMT

 Gold responded to its T.03 Sell signal posted for Wednesday 01/06 with a neat outside key reversal bar that closed Friday at ~+ $10300 and in sympathy with two pretty average up days for the US Dollar Index (DX) in response to our T.03PLUS Buy signal for DX posted after the close on 01/06 Silver joined the party for a massive $12500 to Friday's close from its own T.03 Sell signal posted after the close on 01/05. Wdnesday saw the Russell elect its T.03 Buy signal posted after Tuesday's close and it closed the week at ~+ $5200. Dollar/Yen Blue line Buy posted for clients and guests on Tuesday evening about 7:30pm saw a nice rally to close the week a ~ $730. Sugar responded to Thursday's T.03 Sell signal with two days down to close at + $430 on Friday. DAX notched up $8150 to play its part in the T.03PLUS signals.

Our 6S suite of signals saw Oil close the week at + $2030, Gold at  ~+ $10300, Coffee $2100 short to Thursday and long for Friday, Russell long for $5200 into Friday's close, Sugar short for Thursday and Friday for $465 and T-Bonds short from Tuesday to grab $3520 to the week's close.

Normal Transmission Jan 07, 5:22am GMT

 Whilst some parts of US were riled today the Danielcode went about its job of making money. Wednesday's T.03 Sell in Gold and PLUS Sell in correlated HUI combined with our 6S Sell signal returned ~ $2950 into the close with Silver responding to its T.03 Sell to add some bucks. EUR-JPY responded to its T.03 Buy signal with $459 whilst our 6S Sell in Coffee closed the day at ~ + $1500 with 6S Russell closing at + $3550 and our 6S short in US T-Bonds closing at $2350. Nice enough.

Happy New Year Jan 04, 12:29am GMT

 Back in the saddle after the Christmas break feeling very much better after a nasty bout of old fashioned flu just before Christmas. I wish you a joyous and prosperous new year and of course good health for you and yours. DC trade signals will be posted on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading.

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