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Thanksgiving Drama Nov 29, 1:33am GMT

 A normally boring holiday shortened Thanksgiving week exploited into drama on Friday with news of the new South African variant of COVID-19. Equities were universally clubbed and even on a shortened training day US T-Bonds managed to put in a massive up move worth about $2600 per one contract on the day. Forex largely went with the trend with CAD-CHF being hammered down to its Danielcode black line at 7217 and the Euro rallied against the Dollar. GBP-JPY finally broke out of its torpor to be down to 151.158 its Danielcode Blue line. Interestingly cable found support at its Danielcode blue line at 1.3272 for a small rally. US Dollar was strong against the Canadian but particularly weak against the Yen. The big selloff in the Yen found it low at 113.056 against the famous Daniel card Black line at 113.034.

News out of Pretoria soon came that the symptoms of this new strain, to date have been remarkably mild with most professionals confident that the existing vaccines will be effective.

Thanksgiving Holiday 2021 Nov 24, 2:02am GMT

 Futures markrts close early on Thursday for the Thanksgiving Day Holiday and some markets also close early on the Friday. There will be no Futures signals posted for Thursday and as we require a full day of trading after a market holiday to reset the charts there will be no new Futures signals until Sunday evening for Monday's trading. Expect volume in Futures to be extremely light on both days and use your stops appropriately. Forex will trade as normal and Members Charts will be updated at the usual times.

DC Trade Signals Nov 23, 8:54am GMT

 Our propritary 6S trade signals continue to impress with Gold closing today at ~+ $5200, Russell at ~ $2700 and near $1000 in Natural Gas as well as contributions from other markets.

Monday's Sell signal in S&P was elected as was our T.03 Sell in NASDAQ being elected and closing Tuesdat for ~ $1800. Gold's T.03PLUS signal posted for and elected Friday.closed on Tuesday at ~ $5020, Last Thursday's T.03PLUS Buy in Copper was elected and closed today at ~ $2000. The same day's T.03 Sell in Germany's DAX and the T.03PLUS sell in Sugar both elected and are at ~ $3100 and $370 respectinely on two days down which highlights that DAX is a big contract and Sugar is a much smaller contract but relative gains about comparable. Bear the margin size in mind whwen comparing different contracts. Nice start to Thanksgiving week.

Some Weeks Are Bluebirds Nov 11, 1:21am GMT

 With volatility comes always better trading and this week we have seen a massive number of DC trade signals with wonderful results. For the week to Thursday's close we have had 26 Forex signals of which 16 were elected and 15 were profitable at the first profitable close exit. Most have gone on to bigger results. Dollar-Yen Buy elected today made ~ 61 tics, Euro-USD Sell closed today at ~+ $980, Cable made ~ $1200, Kiwi-USD Sell made ~ 50 tics from its T.03PLUS inside bar Sell and a host of other pairs played well.

 In Futures we have had 20 DC signals posted this week 16 being elected and all profitable. Big hitters were the Sells in all Equities which are traveling down, the big T.03 and Blue line Buy in Beans which is still sorting itself out, Tuesday's Buy in Corn and Sell for Sugar now at 27 ticks, and today's Buy for the US Dollar Index at + 135 ticks for ~ $700 and the Sell in US T-Bonds For $304. This is a very interesting trade given the underlying pressures about which more later.

 Gold has stubbornly failed to elect its various DC Sell signals and has stuck on strongly to its correlated Buy with Silver from 11/04 to close today at ~+ $5900. The inverse correlation with DX has been broken today and we await the outcome of that action. If the break in inverse correlation sticks then that action has historically been bullish for Gold.

Equities and T-Bonds Oct 28, 4:45am GMT

 S&P, Dow and Russell all responded to their T.03 and PLUS signals to be lower on the day with RTY giving the best trade proportionally for ~ $1800 at Wednesday's close. NQ posed a question by having an up day although without much conviction but up nevertheless. Natural Gas continued its rally from its T.03PLUS Buy signal and 6S Buy signals for 10/20 and elected on that date to close today at ~ $8400. T Bonds continued its rally from the 6S buy signal for 10/25 closing a ~ $2000 whilst the T.03 Buy for 10/20 did better still to be near $2600 at today's close. Beans and Sugar are still contributing with Beans at ~$900 and Sugar near $610 on its margin of $1470.

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