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30 March 2023 Mar 30, 6:42am GMT

 So far this week we have had 10 elected (filled) Forex trade signals and 9 elected DC signals with the best of Forex being CAD-CHF Buy for ~ $830 and USD-CAD Sell for ~ $1085 to Wednesdays close. AUD-USD, CAD-CHF, GBP-CHF, NZD-JPY, USD-JPY, EUR-GBP and EUR-USD were Buys whilst USD-CAD was a Sell see chart below:

Equities spent Monday and Tuesday squabbling whilst Wednesday saw a nice burst of agreement to the upside and so ~ $2500 in NASDAQ, $1700 in S&P, 41600 in Russell where we have been long for there days and $2090 on the Dow where we have also been long for three days on Mondays T.03+ signal. Long Oil is at ~ $2700 in our 6S program and ~ $4600 on our current short Nat Gas trade after $1300 from our previous short. US T-Bonds are at ~ $1500 on our current short trade in 6S which is also a T.03 trade and finally Soybeans closed today at $2200 on its T.03 and Blue line Buy from Friday which closed our previous short for $1800.

If you like trading this is the place to be. Forex, Futures in Equities, PMs, Commodities, Softs and interest rates all trade the same with Danielcode. Start looking at our T.03 and T.03+ signals and help yourself. And there is more at this website. 

The Fed Looms Mar 21, 2:01am GMT

Markets spent today indulging in their favourite game of guessing what the Fed will do on Wednesday with the usual disagreement evident. All the major equities made bullish key reversal bars as they press the narrative that the Fed is done hiking whilst the ever sanguine US T-Bonds the big daddy of the securities sphere managed a bearish KRB. Best bet is that now more than ever the Fed needs to show that it has stickability in the face of the recent banking disruptions across two continents.

Mark to Fantasy Returns Mar 13, 5:08am GMT

 US Treasury, Fed, FDIC and others are falling over themselves to make SVB and Signature Bank of NEW York depositors whole and in the process allow Treasuries, Agency securities etc to be marked at cost totally ignoring what bought SVB undone. The fun returns as rate hikes take a backseat for now.

This from Mickey D on the weekend "John, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, each Webinar cements a lot of what your teaching which is not common knowledge, and not that easy to grasp either. Wonderful result in T-Bonds last night, but of course you knew it would blow, thank goodness for trading "Time", I for one am a very happy individual trying to grasp onto your coat tails  gleening any information that gives me an edge to be a better trader. Talk soon John"

End February 2023 Mar 01, 4:47am GMT

 Equities struggled into month’s end with Dow continuing its downward path albeit without much conviction whilst NASDAQ the former alpha of the equities group finished the month with two inside bars as it searches for direction and narrative to support its next move. February was largely about the attempt to launch a narrative of the Fed pausing interest rate increases which culminated in Thursday’s duel as CTAs sold off whilst options followed them all the way to the daily low with consistent call buying. Friday settled that question to the downside but again without much conviction. Best in Futures this week was our short in Soybeans

Gold and Silver rallied late on their Blue line and T.03+ Buy signals. Copper rallied at the end of the month to give us ~ $6000+ on its recent trading. US dollar remained strong and T-Bonds is making a low from the last few days.

Aussie and Kiwi are weak against the US Dollar as is the Loonie. EUR-JPY and GBP-JPY both put in classic reversal bars at known DC resistance to end the month.

January 2023 Feb 01, 1:01am GMT

 Equities struggled for direction at months end despite NASDAQ having a stellar start to the year. End of month closed with divergence between indices and the value trading was in commodities and energy. Natural Gas closed the day at ~+ $3500, our long trade in Coffee closed the day at + $8700, Beans closed at + $1500 and Sugar continued its massive long trade at ~+ $2000 on margin of ~ $1500.

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