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Algorithms Nov 25, 3:49am GMT

 Algorithms or Algos have been the industry buzz word for a number of years now so I decided to show the world one of the Danielcode Algos and how it works on a widee range of markets including of course Forex. For the Futures markets we have ranged through Equities, on to a range of Commodities and finally into Interest Rates aka US T-Bonds. It appears quite sensational  and certainly looks to be a highly efficient way of grabbing those longer term moves that impact so greatly on our equity curve. So take a look at our Happy Thanksgiving webinar recording on the left of this page to see this next development in Danielcode trading.

S&P and NASDAQ charts are below.


Trading Danielcode Time Signals Nov 24, 12:55am GMT

 At our previous webinar we had a special interview with Mark L one of the first students to take the Danielcode Time Trading Tutorial. Unfortunately we had an audio issue on the recording and many of you missed hearing Mark's exerience. Terry has isolated that interview and you can watch it at the following link:

This is a guy who returned ~1000% on margin in his paper trading so you should certainly be interested in what he has to say about the Danielcode Tutorial! Copy and paste the link into your browser.

Happy Thanksgiving Nov 22, 11:02pm GMT

 Thursday 11/23 is Thanksgiving and US markets are shut as folks celebrate this important holiday. As we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a markrt holiday, the next DC trade signals will be posted on Sunday evening for Mondays trading. Forex will trade as normal.

Our special Thanksgiving webinar on Thursday at 8:30PM will be posted on Friday at this website. We wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

The 4th Seal Nov 20, 12:24am GMT

 Framk DB our 4S analyst is having data issues so 4S commentary is done but charts need updating. Will advise.

Aim High Video Nov 17, 12:35am GMT

 There are issues with the recording of the important Mark L interview from last week in the Aim High video at left. Will be fixed soon and will notify you all.

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