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T.03 Signals
Fri 12/15 - 9 signal(s)
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Fri 12/15 - 15 signal(s)

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Super Trends and How to Find Them

TIME for Dr Copper Dec 06, 1:00am GMT

 Danielcode TIME signals are adding a whole suite of Time-Turn signals to our array of PRICE signal entries and this is highlighted by the recent price action in Dr Copper which added to Santa’s early gifts to DC traders but this time exclusively for those Members who have availed themselves of the DC Video Tutorial which teaches TIME Trading. The run started with a double TIME Buy signal for 11/20 in the December contract which ran to the 11/24 high against the blue line boundary for about $1800 and which created the double TIME Sell for 11/27. Rolled to the February 2018 contract on that date and still short to 11/30 which created a double Buy signal on the TIME charts. Long for part of 12/01 which was a counter-trend and created a half cycle Sell signal for 12/04 elected on 12/05 for a nice $3200 trade. The short from 11/27 made $1300 and the countertrend Buy was stopped for about +$140. Some of these TIME signals were also Price signals but you have to admit this was a nice piece of trading! Trading TIME is the new frontier.

Santa Came Early Dec 03, 8:55am GMT

 Santa came early for Danielcode Members and particularly so for our Forex fraternity. DC trade this week included T.03 Buy in AUD-JPY on Wednesday, T.03 Buy in AUD-USD for Friday +47, Blue line & T.03 Buy in CAD-CHF for Friday +66, PLUS Buy Thursday for CAD-JPY now +123, T.03 and Blue line Sell for GBP-CHF Friday +155, Blue line and T.03 Sell in USD-CAD for +213 and others still to be elected. Oil had its T.03 signal elected Friday for +96, DX had its PLUS Sell signal elected Thursday and a second day down on Friday, S&P, DAX, Dow and Russell all had Sell signals for Friday which duly materialised but you needed aggressive stops to capture the US pullbacks. Germany’s DAX fared better with +103 into Friday’s close. Nat Gas was the biggie on Thursday with +102 in response to its T.03 Sell signal. Buy in Soybeans and T Bonds +1^15 gave us an early taste of the Festive Season.

Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 23, 12:11am GMT

 US Futures markets will be closed on Thursday 11/23 for the traditional Thanksgiving Holiday and most Futures markets have a half day on Friday also. That means we will need to wait for Monday to see a normal full day of trading to reset the charts as we require so next T.03 and PLUS signals will be on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal but with lighter volume. Forex traders went to the holiday flush with cash from Wednesday's Blue line Buy in NZD-USD +56 and the PLUS Buy for EUR-USD +85 and PLUS Sell for GBP-CHF +42. Futures traders topped up the shortened week with the T.03 Sell in Germany's DAX index +195.5 and the T.03 Buy in Sugar +40.

Be safe on the roads and enjoy the holiday.

Buy The Rumor Nov 16, 10:42pm GMT

 Markets started to set the mood for a bright Thanksgiving today with huge gains in all of the US Equity indices powered by the House passing its new tax bill. What is more interesting to traders is that all of these markets signaled this intent on Wednesday's close which most didn't see. All of this was clear to us and led to us posting at 7:30PM USET on Wednesday the following signals for Members: Buy Dow +163, Buy S&P +20, Buy Germany's DAX +126.5, Buy NASDAQ +78.75 and at a new high, Buy Russell +22.2. It is unusual for us to have trade signals in all of the Equity markets we cover and even better when the Dow set up its Buy signal on Tuesday evening (posted 7:33 PM 11/14) so all of you happy traders had plenty of time to get set for this pre-holiday bonanza! Some nice Forex trades including Buy CAD-CHF,  and Tuesday evening's signals valid for execution on Wednesday or Thursday to Buy CAD-JPY and GBP-CHF and Sell EUR-GBP all added to this week's haul as did the Aussie SPI 200 which responded to Thursday's posted Buy signal with a vigorous 42 point gain. Feel free to join the party at any time.

2017 Labor Day Holiday Sep 02, 2:00am GMT

 US markets are closed on Monday to mark the Labor Day Holiday and so there will be no DC Trade Signals posted for that day. As usual we require a full day of trading following a market holiday to reset the charts so next Trade Signals will be posted on Tuesday evening for action in Wednesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal.

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