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T.03 Signals
Tue 7/16 - 6 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Tue 7/16 - 11 signal(s)
6S Signals
Tue 7/16 - 9 signal(s)

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Updated Jul. 14
Updated Jul. 14
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6S Signals

Trade date: Tue 7/16/2024
Market Buy WT Buy CT Buy Entry Buy Stop Sell WT Sell CT Sell Entry Sell Stop Comment
This month we are introducing a variation of the CTP Continuous Trade Program to The Danielcode which we call 6S.

The program is designed to keep you in the market almost continuously with a risk bias towards the apparent trend. Where possible we suggest that you trade a number of markets so some at least will be displaying a degree of volatility, that maker of profits. Unlike our traditional T.03 and PLUS signals, 6S is weighted more heavily towards Time signals on minor trends. This is basically a manual program where signals are posted daily to the DC website. We are also developing an auto trade program based on some of these and similar concepts which is in Beta for testing. The auto trade version is capable of running leader/follower programs or trading directly into your account and allows extensive back testing which is not readily available in the 6S model.

Neither the 6S manual program or the CTP auto trade program will match the results which DC Tutorial graduates can achieve. There are certain functions which are mainly science but partly “feel” which the educated eyeball will discern but which accordingly are not capable of being coded. If you would like to use these and other functions to their maximum extent to become an elite trader, please feel free to contact me about the DC Video Tutorials.

There is a short video on how to trade the 6S signals below.

Please familiarize yourself with the trading methodology. We make no claims for the efficacy of the 6S program and point out to you that neither the author or the Danielcode is licensed to provide financial advice, and nor do we wish to. 6S is a rules based trading program that draws on many years of interesting observations in financial markets. We offer a 14 day free trial on a number of markets for all who are interested and you should use that trial to determine for yourself whether this program is suitable for your purpose and in particular you should read and be aware of the Terms of Use on the landing page of this website.

  • Trade signals are created from completed daily bars. Our EOD data is provided by our partners Trade Navigator from Genesis Financial Technologies. Typically this data is provided shortly after 6:30PM New York time and the signals are posted 60 minutes after data becomes available. This means that many markets will have started their next session before the 6S signals are posted. For that reason and for general prudence, always ensure that your stop loss orders are in place and active.
  • Every 6S signal has an accompanying stop loss order. There is no trading without an attached stop loss order.
  • Every 6S signal has a nominated entry point. All signals are conditional upon this entry point being achieved by the market. When that entry point has been achieved we say that the signal has been “elected”. Many signals are not elected. That is a normal consequence of this type of trading. Signals are only valid for the trade date nominated in the 6S signals page.
  • If you are long one contract then the reversal signal is to sell two contracts both on stop. The first sell gets you flat and the second sell gets you short. Normal stops used in this program are either one or two bar stops if the program determines the signal is with the apparent trend and smaller trailing stops if the new signal will be against the apparent trend. If, as an example, we are long then for the reversal you will have a protective stop and a new entry also on stop. Both of these orders must be at the same price point. We cannot have a situation where we have a new conditional reversal point at one price point and the protective stop at another.
  • You will need charts and I urge you to check that the new signal entry points are at the True High/True Low of the setup bar. In particular you may be trading a market that is different to the charts which we use to create the 6S signals. We mainly use charts which contain “Settlement” prices and those can vary particularly from the electronic markets which use last trade for the close. You may also be trading mini contracts which can and often do have different True highs/lows to the contracts we use. Note that True Highs and True Lows account for chart gaps. See the video for more details.
  • If an outside bar arises on the day of a new order entry you must stop and reverse.

  • Feel free to email me at with any questions.
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