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Wed 7/29 - 1 signal(s)
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Wed 7/29 - 9 signal(s)

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Tuesday's DC Trading Jul 21, 9:45pm GMT

Lots of markets and lots of signals to suit all types of traders. This was Tuesday's haul:

All elected DC trade signals for Tuesday 07/21: AUD-USD Buy +55 ticks; EUR-GBP Buy +77 ticks; USD-JPY Sell + 365 ticks; CAD-JPY +17; EUR-JPY + 1.058; GBP-CHF Sell +96; EUR-USD Buy +1178; AP (Aussie SPI 200) +19; Germany’s DAX Sell +153; Copper Buy elected -70; Nat Gas Buy +61; Russell Friday’s Sell now +$1240; DX (US Dollar Index) +0.750; ES (S&P Mini) Sell +15; Dow Sell on the DC Hook trade +206; US T Bonds Sell -36; NASDAQ Sell +55. These are close to close movements. DC Members got some part of this bounty depending on markets traded and entry techniques. Nice enough.

Our 4th Seal member who subscribe to our forecasting service in GOLD are feeling warm and fuzzy as we have been forecasting this decline in Gold for the past 4 weeks. This from Frank DB who assists me with these forecasts today:

“Could you mention the 4th seal updates for gold the last 4 weeks where we clearly anticipated on gold's decline. We anticipated a major low for gold in the month of August and have been telling that for months. The 4th seal will be discussing gold in detail for the next few weeks.” Much more on this nice piece of work now worth about $7000 per one contract in Thursday’s webinar. Cost for our forecasting services is $125 per market per month which seems a pretty cool risk/reward ratio. YUM!!

Gold Rout!! Jul 21, 1:51am GMT

Nothing too surprising about Gold’s downside action this week except the quantum of Monday’s move, but the writing was on the wall. On 7th June we advised Private Clients that a weekly close below 1178 argues for weakness not strength and that condition was met on Friday 07/10 which left just the two DC Black lines near 1150 to save the largely irrational “buy and hold” crowd. At Thursday’s webinar (emails and banner posted soon) I will show you exactly how this slow moving train wreck unfolded and importantly where Gold is heading now that the dam wall is breached. We will also show you the real support and resistance numbers for $AUD-USD since commentators continually report that economists are divided. Economists generally are good fellows and always earnest even as they proclaim their ignorance of trading and market price levels which is no surprise as market support and resistance is actually not the business of economists although they are always quick to opine and pretend that they actually know something about this business. By contrast I will show you the exact sequence of numbers that the Aussie has followed as it tries to recover some shred of sanity after the lunacy of 2010-2014, and if you know the sequence you will know what happens next. I trust you can join me at 8:30 US ET on Thursday 07/23.

The Week That Wasn't Jul 12, 8:50am GMT

Post the Independence Day Holiday markets thundered through the following five trading sessions with noises of thunder and winds of fury. Swoops of 300 points each day in the Dow became normal whilst 35 points each day became the standard for S&P, but of a directional bias there was none. From Thursday’s pre-holiday close to Friday’s final quote, S&P moved less than one point in the index with Thursday (07/02) closing at 2076.78 against Friday’s (07/10) close at 2076.62!!

Wise traders followed our lead and took a sabbatical all week whilst those in the better bulge brackets likely will extend our Q2 hiatus six fold. The outlier, Germany’s DAX managed an upside flyer on Friday to break from its Monday to Thursday malaise at the lows of its last pullback and Aussie SPI ASX-200 found the median of its DC trading channel on the 6 day chart. So as usual there will be all to play for as we return to the great game today. Webinars later in the week to catch up on all of the action so watch this space.

Q2 Holiday Break Jul 03, 12:16am GMT

The Danielcode office is closed for our Q2 holiday break until Sunday 07/13. Terry at will be available to answer your queries.

No new trade signals for Friday 07/03 with Futures closing early and many making this day the 4th July Holiday, but still some nice opportunities in Forex so check out the Trade Program page to see the carried forward trade suggestions.

On the road in the next few hours and heading North to Cooktown a trip I last tried to make as a Uni student 40 something years ago. The road past Cairns was pretty much a muddy track back then and our aged Beetle didn't survive long, but three young chaps certainly had a great experience. The years that have passed since those long ago days have not changed my outlook on life which is why my advice to those having a well earned holiday hasn't change either.

Be as bad as you can!! And enjoy the break. Trading will be fast, furious and still fantastic when we return.

Independence Day Holiday Jul 01, 4:36am GMT

This year the 4th July falls on a Saturday and to celebrate the CME and most US Futures markets will have a half day on Friday 06/03 with Equities closing at 12:00 CT. Expect markets to be thin during the morning session with the usual holiday bias in Equities being up.

We try to take four holidays a year with a one week break at the end of each quarter, but couldn't face pulling the switch at the end of March as trading was just so good. The same can certainly be said as we approach the end of Q2 with massive trading in both Futures and Forex in the past few months, but even the most dedicated traders are forced to take a break occasionally to recharge the batteries and catch up on all those chores that pile up with time. So we will take a one week break next week as markets tend to be somewhat subdued at this time. There will be no T.03 or PLUS signals from Monday 06/06 to Friday 06/10 and as I am taking this opportunity to do some driving around Australia, there will be no chart updates over this holiday break.

Forex will trade as normal over the holiday.

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