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T.03 Signals
Thu 9/18 - 4 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Thu 9/18 - 19 signal(s)

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Action Today Sep 16, 10:41pm GMT

Another nice day’s trading. Here are some of our T.03 and PLUS signals that were elected: AUD-USD blue line buy +56, NZD-USD buy +22, USD-JPY sell +55, AUD-JPY buy +555, USD-CAD sell +81, EUR-AUD sell +68, CAD-CHF buy +38, CAD-JPY buy +668, EUR-AUD sell +68, Copper buy +7.35, Coffee buy +2.20.

FractZen.PRO in TN TradeClone Sep 05, 12:06am GMT

We had announced that we would be showing you these new programs at a webinar on 3rd September. Both of these programs are completely new and unique. FractZen.PRO, not to be confused with our existing FractZen.TEXT program that creates short term trading signals in Futures and Forex markets and delivers them direct to your cell phone has been a great initiative but as it trades 24/5 it has limitations for many of you who can't devote the time at all hours of the day and night to action the .TEXT signals as they occur.

To develop a more user friendly experience, we have turned to our Partners Trade Navigator to utilise their brand new program TradeClone which will create the new FractZen.PRO signals inside your existing or new Trade Navigator program and auto trade these new signals. The new signals are entirely different to the existing .TEXT signals as the new .PRO program has created some sophisticated options for us. We can change the speed settings monthly as volatility waxes and wanes and we have incorporated a new technique which will switch the initial fixed stop to a trailing stop at the optimum point. These initiatives will add stability to the FractZen program.

We have completed our back testing of these products and TN have now asked for a month of forward testing before these new products are released. With all new technology this is always a good idea so expect an initial webinar explaining these programs and likely release of FractZen.PRO in TradeClone in early October.

For those who have enquired, I appreciate your continuing interest.

Chart Updates NOW Sep 03, 10:54am GMT

Big moves in many markets on Tuesday have taken these markets into new ranges so the affected charts have been updated now rather than on Wednesday night as usual.

Balance of charts will be updated as usual. See the Chart Navigator for updates.

No DC Trade Signals Tuesday Sep 01, 11:50pm GMT

EOD data from TN is now downloading but it's 75 minutes late and that means we have lost our bureau slot for today, so no DC trade signals and we will revert to having a full trading day after a market holiday as per our normal procedure.

T.03 and PLUS signals will be available for Wednesday's trading.

Labor Day Holiday Monday Aug 29, 10:41pm GMT

US markets are closed on Monday for the US Labor Day Holiday. Next T.03 and PLUS signals will be posted Monday evening for Tuesday's trading. Enjoy the long weekend.

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