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Thu 10/23 - 4 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Thu 10/23 - 14 signal(s)

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Crash, Correction and Resurrection Gold and the S&P

Where to For Gold and Equities

14 July 2014

Forex Forensics Can Make You Rich
article by John Needham

S&P Breaks Key Support Oct 10, 11:32pm GMT

S&P looks set to close below its 1XSD lower band on its long term DC trading channel on Monday. If so this would be the first such occurrence since the correction in November 2012 and quite in accordance with what we have been telling you since my “Correction Cometh-S&P in a Cocked Hat” article of 06/26 followed by no less than 4 separate correction alerts from our 4th Seal forecasting program, so certainly you have had plenty of warning of this probability. And that raises the question of what this means to future price action for this vital index, the best measure of stock market depth.

Additionally, Gold is beating out a pattern of importance on our 6 day charts which like the S&P we have reviewed constantly with you through our twice monthly webinars. Gold’s latest interaction with its DC time cycles and the marvelous 4th Seal forecasting time and price series holds vital clues for both Gold bugs and traders.

Back to work on Sunday and look for our webinar on Thursday 10/16 to update your market intelligence!

Quarterly Holiday Break Oct 03, 9:41pm GMT

We try to take a one week break each quarter to refresh, recharge and attend to those real world commitments and chores that tend to be overlooked too easily when one is immersed in the vital ebb and flow of markets. To this end we will be closed from Sunday 10/05 to 10/12. Members charts will be updated on both weekends as normal but there will be no midweek chart update or T.03 or PLUS trade signals for this week. Our short term FractZen.TEXT program will continue to run as normal.

I trust you take this opportunity to relax, spend time with family and come back afresh for the charge into Christmas which promises to be wild!!

Charts Delayed Sep 25, 9:35pm GMT

The midweek update of Members charts is delayed with some technical issues. They will be posted progressively in the next few hours. With apologies.

Trading This Week Sep 24, 2:01am GMT

If you were confused by recent price action we can help. Here are some of the Danielcode trade signals current this week:

Monday 09/22: CAD-CHF Sell, CAD-JPY Sell, EUR-JPY Sell, NIFTY Sell, NZD-JPY Sell, USD-CAD Buy, AP (Aussie SPI) Sell, S&P Sell, DAX Sell, NASDAQ Sell, DOW Sell

Tuesday 09/23: EUR-USD Buy, USD-JPY Sell, Gold Buy, Coffee Buy, Sugar Buy and of course our 09/19 Buy signal for T Bonds continued as did many of these trades. Nice enough?

Action Today Sep 16, 10:41pm GMT

Another nice day’s trading. Here are some of our T.03 and PLUS signals that were elected: AUD-USD blue line buy +56, NZD-USD buy +22, USD-JPY sell +55, AUD-JPY buy +555, USD-CAD sell +81, EUR-AUD sell +68, CAD-CHF buy +38, CAD-JPY buy +668, EUR-AUD sell +68, Copper buy +7.35, Coffee buy +2.20.

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