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Goodbye Q1; Hello Q2

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Easter Apr 17, 12:06pm GMT

Markets are mostly closed on Good Friday for the Easter Holiday. Accordingly there will be no DC signals for Friday and as we require a full day of normal trading after a holiday to reset the charts, the next T.03, PLUS and GMAJ signals will be issued on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal and Forex charts will be updated on Sunday evening. Futures charts will be updated on Monday evening to capture Monday's trading. FractZen will trade continuously through the holiday period.

Next week we will have a new webinar on Thursday evening at 8:30 PM US ET where our special guest will be Daryl "Mustang" Narain, a long time DC member and the keeper of our FractZen trading results. Mustang has undertaken some fascinating research on small, large and catastrophe stops and their effect on FractZen trading. The results are to put it mildly quite counter intuitive and well worth your attention. The impact on your equity curve of different stop loss protocols is astonishing. Invitations to this new webinar will be forwarded on Monday and I look forward to your company.I trust you all have a peaceful and insightful Easter break and take a few moments to reflect on the purpose of this most important of Christian holidays.

Back to Work Apr 08, 12:17am GMT

Back to work today and ready for Tuesday's trading after our 1 week break at the end of Q1. I trust you enjoyed the break and return to the fray refreshed and renewed. Q2 is always a fun time and is sure to be a real trader's market as at least a semblance of fear creeps into the mad momo chasers. The multiples on the tech stocks in US and Australia at least are quite crazy but in line with the insanity that is the housing market in Australia. And that's good. I love it when the crazies fall victim to euphoria as that foretells some corrections which the great unwashed always interpret as disaster. For us 2 way markets are bliss and the more emotion engendered the better volatility will be and it's volatility that drives our trades.

Hopefully a big week on the news front as we expect an answer on our efforts to get FractZen working as an auto trade by the end of this week, and the possibility of shoe horning FZ into a leader/follower format where you can simply link your accounts to the master account and get the same fills. Our experience with all things tech is that everything takes 10 times as long as estimated but I hope to have something on these issues for you soon.

New Charts Apr 06, 10:45pm GMT

Our chart changeover to cover all of the FractZen markets for which we create signals is proceeding on track with new daily Forex charts already loaded and available and the 11 Futures market charts due to be loaded in about 14 hours. We will resume normal T.03, PLUS and GMAJ signals on Monday night for Tuesday's trading as we resume the battle.

New Charts, Q1 review and Q2 market fore... Mar 28, 7:25am GMT

Monday marks the end of the first quarter of 2014 and as usual the Danielcode will be closed from Tuesday 04/01 to Monday 04/07 to accommodate our 1 week per quarter holiday break. Trading is intensive and demanding and I know all of you enjoy this opportunity to take a breather and catch up on essential chores. DC members charts will be updated as usual on Sunday 03/30 but there will be no T.03, PLUS or GMAJ signals during this break. Terry at will be available to deal with your queries and the indefatigable FractZen will continue generating its signals as normal.

When we return after this short break you will notice a different charts format. We are discontinuing the weekly charts that have been published since 2007 and concentrating on the daily charts for all of our FractZen markets plus a few favorites. Additionally we are exploring Trade Navigator’s new Shadow Charts release which will enable us to release our members charts direct to your TN program so you have all of the Blue line targets and DC studies already embedded on your charts. We hope to have this changeover finished in the week but implementation may take a little while longer. The DC Blue lines are vital targets for traders in any time frame.

For our holiday week I will be taking the opportunity to review the major market movers of Q1 and peering into the future to opine on what Q2 holds for us. Q2 is always an exciting time in markets and this year will be no different as China’s property bubble and commodity boom finally reaches a point of real concern which means much to those markets where they are key players. We will also release the Q1 final results for our amazing FractZen program in Futures and Forex. All of this will unfold at our free webinar to be held on Friday 4th April at 8:30 PM US ET. Invitations will be sent on Monday and I hope you will join me.

Don't forget the Correlations Mar 24, 11:20pm GMT

Some markets are so highly correlated that a signal in one can be executed in any other if elected. Such is the case for the US Equity indices and Germany's DAX index and these correlations similarly apply to $HUI, Gold and Silver. Market signals don't always set up as precisely as we require and this is where our doctrine of correlations is useful.

A good example is the recent short trade in Silver. The latest run down started on 03/17 and we had a Blue line Sell signal for Gold posted on 03/14 and valid for election on 03/17. That was also a heads up for Silver traders that the market would follow Gold down if the Sell signal was elected, and it was valid for traders to act on any Gold signal in Silver and vice versa. On this occasion we then had T.03 Sell signals in both Gold and Silver posted for Monday 03/17 and GMAJ PRO signals to match. At today's close the short Silver trade is worth $6000 per one contract and that's nice enough!!

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