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Fractalian - Is it a Stealth Fighter?

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St Patrick's Day Mar 17, 4:34am GMT

Today Tuesday March 17th is St Patricks Day which has already rolled around Down Under and is just 90 minutes old in the US. Here is our traditional Irish blessing. Search, press Start and enjoy!!

Fractalian Webinar Mar 09, 3:21am GMT

The Fractalian Trade Program and Lockheed’s F-117 Stealth Fighter-Webinar 8:30PM Thursday 12th March 2015

What does a 4th Generation trading program and the US Military’s latest stealth fighter have in common? Strangely the answer is inherent design instability. Purposely designing a machine with features that create instability actually allows advanced fighter aircraft to maneuver faster and complete those essential dog fight components better, tighter and faster.

These design elements have been of interest to me for many years and have now worked their way into our newest Futures and Currency trading program Fractalian which utilises the fractal nature of market structure and a built in instability to create superior returns for you the trader.

GOLD: For all of you Gold bugs Fractalian is the first program I have created that really captures the profitability of Gold trading in a systematic way. For calendar 2014 Fractalian returned $11,175 per one Comex Gold contract on a present margin of $4,400 or about 338% for 2014 on margin. These are hypothetical figures created from our computer testing program so shave off something for slippage and brokerage by all means, but on any reading it’s an astonishing return. And there is more. Our current star performers Coffee and Sugar both returned in excess of 300% whilst Feeder Cattle and Live Cattle Futures  averaged even higher returns. Of the past 17 months Gold gave positive returns for 14 of them whilst Platinum Futures had just 2 losing months from the past 17.

The introduction of design instability into this our newest trading program has solved the problem for many of the more difficult markets that have eluded us in the past. US T Bonds, S&P 500, S&P Midcap, NASDAQ and the Dow together with Ethanol and the Nikkei 225 which have proven difficult markets to capture in the past are now high flyers with the addition of this one simple trick. Unharnessed instability equals chaos, but capture the fluidity and extreme turns that chaos invites and I assure you that you will see light in some otherwise hidden market corners.

I invite you to join me at the Fractalian webinar at 8:30PM on Thursday 12th March when I will show you this and much more including 6 markets that returned better than 600% on margin in 2014. Sounds crazy I know, but it will cost you nothing to test Fractalian and as our friendly broker says, “If it can maintain 50% of that performance it will be the best in the world”.

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Charts Updated Feb 26, 1:37pm GMT

Charts are now updated for both Forex and Futures

Monday's Silver Chart Feb 23, 7:14am GMT

Monday's Gold Chart Feb 23, 7:12am GMT

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