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Its Getting Late For The Party

The DC Numbers Mar 27, 11:49pm GMT

 Nat Gas has been squirrely of late so not our best trading vehicle of recent days but I wanted you to see this chart with some of the Danielcode Blue lines on it. DC Blue lines are extensions of previous ranges and unlike any suport or resistance levels that you have seen before, and NO they have nothing to do with Fibs but are created from an entirely unique matrix. If you get the idea that all markets know and react to these largely unknown numbers you are definitely on to something.

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Aussie SPI in Train Wreck Mar 22, 12:58pm GMT

Nice to watch the Aussie SPI Futures contract having a slow motion wreck today as ASX Equities shed $25 Billion of extra ballast as it sought out its DC numbers. Friday 03/17 gave us target recognition on the close at 5784 against the Blue line target at 5783 which set up our PLUS Sell signal for clients posted on Sunday evening. The short trade was elected on Monday and Tuesday evenings close at 5757 against the DC Ret at 5757 (hence zero variance) told us this market was tracking the minor retracement. Big jump down at Wednesday’s open although nothing to do with Trump as most pundits proclaimed (the Sell signal was created last Friday folks) and hovered for some hours around DC support at 5682/84. SPI finished the day with its low at 5651 against the magic DC Black line at 5659 and closed at 5668 against the major DC retracement at 5667 opening the way for it to start tracking the major. Precise and predictable. Just the way we like it. For those who follow our webinars recall what I said recently about contract rollovers and trend changes. $2700 per one contract so far. No surprise here.

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Knowing The Unknowable Mar 22, 1:40am GMT

It’s a fine thing to take a news item and fit it to market action after it occurs. This is essentially the role of media, pundits and commentators. It is a much more worthwhile endeavor to know the high probability of significant market moves before they occur. The Danielcode does this with a series of unique numbers that translate to important support and resistance levels on financial charts aka the pictures and these translate to valuable trading opportunities BEFORE the fact.

Losing the jargon, this translates as making money, something dear to all of our hearts! Such was the case in the “picture” of the Russell Futures contract. Friday’s (03/17) high was at 1393.5 against the DC Blue line at 1392.9 on our published Members Charts a variance of just 6 ticks and this means target recognition at an important DC number. This led to a T.03 Sell signal posted for Members and Guests for Monday 03/20 valid for Monday and Tuesday. That Sell signal was elected today for a 330 tick gain or about $1650 per one contract. And look where this dramatic move went to; 1345.3 just 11 ticks past the downside DC Blue available for all our Members. No surprises and great precision. Under Danielcode rules, all US Equity markets and Germany’s DAX are so highly correlated that a signal in one can be executed in any other provided that the trade is elected. So you could have had $1137 from Mini S&P, $1220 from NASDAQ, $1070 from Mini Dow or $3012 from Germany’s DAX. Nice enough.
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The Perversity of Markets Mar 16, 1:11am GMT

 On Wednesday 03/15 the US Fed finally decided on an interest tightening regime and hiked US interest rates. That according to almost unanimous commentary by the usual pundits would be bad for US Equities and anathema to the Bond market with the expectation of Equities Down and Bonds Down as well ie Bond yields Up. So with US Equities rallying and US Bonds Up what went wrong? Precisely nothing as Danielcode clients again saw the primacy of charts over the pseudo informed. For Wednesday we had Buy signals for our clients in the Dow +90 and the Russell Futures +193 both T.03 signals and a PLUS Buy in US T Bonds for +50 ticks. Add +142 for the GBP-USD double Buy signals and you can see that Danielcode trade signals against the popular thoughts kept you on the right track.

NB: For all you Gold bugs, don't feel left out. We had a T.03 and Blue Line Buy signal for Gold and Silver both of which were elected on Monday and took wing today with Gold +170 today.

President's Day Holiday Feb 17, 12:58am GMT
US Futures markets will be closed Monday for US President's Holiday. As we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday there will be no T.03 or PLUS signals for Monday or Tuesday. Next signals will be posted on Tuesday evening for Wednesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal.

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