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T.03 Signals
Fri 10/21 - 3 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Fri 10/21 - 10 signal(s)

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Charts Posting Oct 20, 3:08pm GMT

charts will be posted within the next hour.  Terry is at a doctor appointment for one of his kids. 

Dow Drops 200 Oct 11, 10:00pm GMT

 The only T.03 signal elected today was the Sell signal for Dow which responded by giving up 200 points. I assume you all got it and are happy counting the lolly!! Nice enough.

Columbus Day Holiday Oct 10, 11:29pm GMT

 Monday 10/10 was the Columbus Day Holiday which is a US Federal  holiday and observed in some states. It is not a market holiday but Gold and many Forex pairs traded as if they at least were on holidays. So few trade signals for Forex today but many coming in the week ahead.

The October Gold Dump Oct 05, 9:32pm GMT

 If Tuesday's huge down bar in Gold surprised you or if you missed this big trade see the new article under the Articles tab above. What fun!!

New Gold & Silver Charts Oct 04, 11:56pm GMT

 Comex Gold and Silver dramatically broke their weekly support today as discussed in last Thursday's webinar with a nice cascade to lower DC numbers. New charts are being posted for Members in the next few hours.

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