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Q2 Holiday Break Jul 03, 12:16am GMT

The Danielcode office is closed for our Q2 holiday break until Sunday 07/13. Terry at will be available to answer your queries.

No new trade signals for Friday 07/03 with Futures closing early and many making this day the 4th July Holiday, but still some nice opportunities in Forex so check out the Trade Program page to see the carried forward trade suggestions.

On the road in the next few hours and heading North to Cooktown a trip I last tried to make as a Uni student 40 something years ago. The road past Cairns was pretty much a muddy track back then and our aged Beetle didn't survive long, but three young chaps certainly had a great experience. The years that have passed since those long ago days have not changed my outlook on life which is why my advice to those having a well earned holiday hasn't change either.

Be as bad as you can!! And enjoy the break. Trading will be fast, furious and still fantastic when we return.

Independence Day Holiday Jul 01, 4:36am GMT

This year the 4th July falls on a Saturday and to celebrate the CME and most US Futures markets will have a half day on Friday 06/03 with Equities closing at 12:00 CT. Expect markets to be thin during the morning session with the usual holiday bias in Equities being up.

We try to take four holidays a year with a one week break at the end of each quarter, but couldn't face pulling the switch at the end of March as trading was just so good. The same can certainly be said as we approach the end of Q2 with massive trading in both Futures and Forex in the past few months, but even the most dedicated traders are forced to take a break occasionally to recharge the batteries and catch up on all those chores that pile up with time. So we will take a one week break next week as markets tend to be somewhat subdued at this time. There will be no T.03 or PLUS signals from Monday 06/06 to Friday 06/10 and as I am taking this opportunity to do some driving around Australia, there will be no chart updates over this holiday break.

Forex will trade as normal over the holiday.

Did You Know? Jun 28, 10:29pm GMT

Last week we spent considerable time positioning you to be short all Equity markets with Sell signals in the S&P, NASDAQ, Dow, Russell and DAX and Sell signals in EUR-USD and EUR-GBP. If you have done a DC tutorial you know how and when to hold these proprietary signals and for those that followed our suggestions you are about to be rewarded with a nice fat bonus as Dow opened 300 points down and the Euro pairs are following suit.. The fun begins!!

Greek Dramas Jun 28, 10:04pm GMT

The protracted negotiations between Greece and its EU partners took a new twist on Friday with Greek PM Tsipras calling for a referendum on the financing choices offered by the EU troika. That means some excitement and drama as markets react today and maybe more as the week unfolds. Several Forex platforms have already placed trading restrictions on clients so be sure you are aware of what is happening in your markets. Traders love drama, chaos and volatility, and our wishes may be coming true for a week or so at least. FUN!!

Error in Video Jun 27, 4:00am GMT

The video of Thursday's webinar "The Nameless Dread!" has the audio and video running out of sync. This is apparently a known issue at GoToWebinar and it is being re-formatted and will be corrected on Saturday AM. Apologies for this technical issue. 

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