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Forex Data and Signals Apr 18, 12:31am GMT

 Trade Navigator have made significant changes to the symbols for their Forex data over the weekend. See Forum for details and for Monday's Forex signals.

Easter Holiday Mar 21, 11:44pm GMT

 Most US markets will be closed on Friday 03/25 for the Good Friday Easter Holiday with some of the softs closing after the day session on Thursday. As usual we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday so there will be no trade signals for Good Friday or Easter Monday. Signals will be posted on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading. Members Charts will be updated as usual.

It's St Patrick's Day Mar 17, 10:48am GMT

St Patricks Day rolls around again. Here's the link to our traditional Irish Blessing. Enjoy:

Then press Start

Tim Birch-Elite Trader Mar 16, 11:56pm GMT

Tim Birch is the head of programming and system development for our partners Trade Navigator in Colorado Springs, CO.and features as the star of their present Boot Camp program which promises to make you an "Elite Trader". Tim came to our Danielcode December 2013 Waiheke Island Summer Tutorial in beautiful New Zealand and at that stage was a hobby trader with some basic trading ideas and a yearning for knowledge. Roll on 26 months and Tim is now running 2nd in this year's Robbins World Cup Trading Championship and leading the teaching team for the TN Boot Camp event. Tim is a nice bloke and I congratulate him on the stellar progress he has made as a trader. Well done Tim.

You can follow the same path as Tim beginning with our 2016 US Summer Tutorial in Los Angeles 24/27 May at the Hilton Garden Inn, El Segundo. Email me if you too want to scale the heights of great trading.

DC Blue and the Sugar Blitzkrieg Feb 24, 1:25am GMT

Sugar prices soared 9% on Tuesday with various after the fact explanations provided by Best explanation is that the “International Sugar Organization upgraded its estimate for the world production deficit, and rumours of European availability too”.  Tom Kujawa co-head of the softs department at Sucden Financial was a deal more honest when he said “A shock and awe close last night followed by a blitzkrieg this morning has got us all a little shell shocked”. And if you were not a Danielcode member and hence didn’t know that we issued a DC Blue line Buy signal for Sugar on Monday evening then this massive $1150 ramp on a $1408 Futures margin was indeed shocking for those who did not know!!

Of course DC members knew as we posted the Blue line Buy for Sugar at 7:30PM US ET on Monday 02/22 for execution on Tuesday. Tuesday traded to 12.89 in the May contract the exact number required to fill our long trade and with no profitable close on Tuesday we stayed long to get the lovely gift that markets impart when they have 99% of traders wrong. What a YUM trade. I trust you all filled your boots.

So both the stochs oversold and divergence on our mo-mo indicator but what made this a Blue line trade was the target recognition at the DC Blue line at 12.63 which Friday's bar gave us with its low at 12.61 just 2 ticks past the DC target. And if you don't know the DC numbers you will never understand why markets do what they do.

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