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Wed 7/30 - 6 signal(s)
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Wed 7/30 - 15 signal(s)

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T.03 Backbone of Your Trading System Part II

T.03 Backbone of Your Trading System

14 July 2014

Forex Forensics Can Make You Rich
article by John Needham

The FractZen Phenomenon

Webinars This Week Jul 21, 11:06pm GMT

We are dealing with some technical issues getting Frank DB's Trade Navigator program to sync with the Robbins Trading World Cup platform to finalise Frank's entry into the Robbins World Cup competition, and that means there is not much point running his scheduled webinar on Thursday as advised. I have deferred Frank's webinar for a week and it is now scheduled for Thursday 31st July at 8:30 PM US ET, where we will show you how the 4th Seal biases your trading and the GMAJ entry signals that Frank uses. It's clever stuff that you will want to see.

Frank is presently finalising his entry in the leader-follower section of Robins' World Cup program which means you will be able to link your account to Frank's account and take the same trades that Frank takes, all automatically. It's an impressive program.That means that Part II of the "T.03-The Backbone of Your Trading System" webinar will now be scheduled for this Thursday July 24th where we will show you the detailed mechanics of a T.03 trade plus what happens after and that is the PLUS program trades. If you can count to 3 I will show you how to stay in markets almost all the time. Invitations will be issued to T.03 Part !! tomorrow and I trust you can join me.

We Got The Lot!! Jul 17, 10:55pm GMT

Danielcode members pretty much got the lot today with trade signals to Sell NASDAQ, S&P, DOW and the Aussie SPI (see overnight session) plus Buys in Oil, Gold and Silver, a Sell in Natural Gas and USD-JPY plus much more. Details on this week's trading after the webinar.

DC Trading Jul 14, 10:23pm GMT

Friday 07/11 marked a pause in most markets with a plethora of inside bars signifying either a vacuum of information to motivate buyers and sellers, or more likely a null bar to allow the important time counts to mature. PLUS Buy signal for USD-CAD was an exception with a nice $544 rally. The T.03 Buy signal for the Aussie SPI took hold and is now up $1425 from Friday’s Buy signal. My comment last week on Oil having more downside potential after its failed 1 day rally on 07/08 has now yielded $1810 per 1 contract.

Monday’s (07/14) trading was set up by a remarkable piece of Danielcode magic. Our Members chart for Silver had a target at 2420 which was recognised in a sloppy way for 6 consecutive days from 07/02. The next DC Blue line target was at 2164 a big jump with absolutely no other targets in between. Thursday’s big drive upwards made its high at 2163 for a variance from target of just 1 point and that set up what followed on Monday. Remember that Gold, Silver and HUI are so highly correlated that a DC signal in any of those markets can be executed in any other. The near perfect target recognition in Silver set up the PLUS Sell signals we posted for both Gold and Silver for execution on Monday. The Sell signals were duly elected with Gold down 29+ points from Friday’s close and Silver down 49.5, trades worth some part of $2660 and $2275 respectively. If you didn’t get these nice trades then you missed a good chunk of change.

Our Blue line Buy signal for DAX got some traction for 93 points to the upside as did our Buy signals for the Russell (+6) and the Dow (+101).

DC Trading-Thursday 07/10 Jul 11, 5:07am GMT

PLUS Sell signal for Coffee (KC) did best today with $3056 per 1 contract. Nice. PLUS Copper Buy was just elected and leaves us long this market. Gold kicked again to add to our long position from Tuesday’s PLUS Buy signal and trade is now at $1530.

All of the “Cocked Hat” Sell trades got better with DAX at  some part of $8050 depending on your entry technique which reduces to $5500 on the standard DC inside bar entry. NQ, S&P and Russell all are in similar positions.

Our AUD-USD another PLUS Sell eventually got some small traction after a dramatic outside bar as did the PLUS Sell in EUR-GBP and Buy in GBP-CHF.

DC Trading-Wednesday 06/09 Jul 10, 11:31am GMT

We got long Gold on Tuesday’s PLUS Buy signal and got a little kick today for $590. Tuesday’ Sell signal for the Aussie SPI Index (AP) also bore fruit with $1475 per one contract to Wednesday’s close. Yesterday I advised to watch for a further drop in Oil and that duly transpired for $720 on the day. Today’s Sell signal for Copper was elected and Tuesday’s Buy in Coffee gave us a small profit.

We had winning trades in EUR-JPY, CAD-JPY, GBP-USD and USD-CAD and for those who follow India’s NIFTY Index we had a big trade from Tuesday’s T.03 Sell signal. Nice enough.

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