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The Central Bank Mirage

Signals and Trade Program May 23, 4:31am GMT

 Signals are up and Trade Program is working again.  Thank you for your patience.

Server Upgrade May 20, 9:39pm GMT

 We are going to be upgrading our server over the weekend.  You may have it unavailable for a short period of time while we transfer everything.

Thank you for your understanding.

Forex Data and Signals Apr 18, 12:31am GMT

 Trade Navigator have made significant changes to the symbols for their Forex data over the weekend. See Forum for details and for Monday's Forex signals.

Easter Holiday Mar 21, 11:44pm GMT

 Most US markets will be closed on Friday 03/25 for the Good Friday Easter Holiday with some of the softs closing after the day session on Thursday. As usual we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday so there will be no trade signals for Good Friday or Easter Monday. Signals will be posted on Monday evening for Tuesday's trading. Members Charts will be updated as usual.

It's St Patrick's Day Mar 17, 10:48am GMT

St Patricks Day rolls around again. Here's the link to our traditional Irish Blessing. Enjoy:

Then press Start

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