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T.03 Signals
Fri 5/22 - 6 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Fri 5/22 - 14 signal(s)

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Moonbeams on Friday May 22, 1:54am GMT

We were unable to launch this webinar at the appointed time on Thursday evening due to technical issues with GoToWebinar's sound system. This is too important a webinar to miss as I expect it to both excite and confound you. Accordingly I have rescheduled this webinar for the same time tomorrow, that is 8:30PM US ET on Friday 05/22 and I trust you can join me. Emails to those who registered will be going out this evening or you can register at the new "Moonbeams Rescheduled" banner which Terry will post at left in the next few hours. We will be talking about the chart below and much else besides.


All Markets Turn at the DC Numbers May 13, 12:41am GMT

If you observed yesterday's post on US T Bonds below you would have noticed that the next support for this market was shown on the DC Blue lines with the next number at 151^01. Tuesday's violent snap back reversal and key reversal bar made its low at 151^04 just 3 ticks from the DC Blue line support that we posted for all of you to see. All markets turn at, and only at Danielcode numbers and there are over 30,000 DC members charts in the Chart Archives link above (you need to register to access this link; registration is free) for you to use in testing this statement. The Chart Archives are huge files so please be patient when waiting for this link to open. If you are not aware of these numbers created and posted twice weekly on most major markets, you are missing a vital piece of the trading puzzle. And no, these are not fibs, fobs, old highs or any other combination of derived chart studies. They are a wholly unique mathematical calculation of support and resistance unlike any other that you have seen. And it's exclusive for Danielcode members.

Or if you got into our suggested sell signal in the S&P Emini today, it was useful to know the likely target to save the misery of giving back those hard won gains. Here's the members chart showing the DC targets. Tuesday's low was made at 2079.25 again just 3 ticks from our red line target at 2080. False break and reversal made 2080 a great place to take profits or at least tighten your stops. But you would only know if you had gone to our members charts and as the Ayers Rock (Uluru) promo says "If you never ever go, you will never ever know"!!

It's Best When "They" Are Wrong May 11, 10:31pm GMT

On Thursday evening we regaled our members and guests with an extensive discussion on trading US T Bonds, all of which you can see and follow in the "Winds of Change" webinar available at left, with the T Bonds segment starting at about 40 minutes. On Sunday evening 05/10 we posted a new PLUS Sell signal for members in T Bonds and were delighted when a prominent and much followed adviser to numerous hedgies and fellow travellers opined that the low was in for Bonds and he was going "modestly long" this market at Monday's open. Our 4th Seal analysis showed the high probability of the contrary direction dominating and our proprietary trade program recommended a Sell at 155^8 which was duly elected and returned a handsome $2500 per one contract into Monday's close. As the mob were wrong again, their stops fuelled our short as it pounded lower. Simple stuff. Sell at 155^8, put the protective stop at 157^14 and exit first profitable close. And it's pure chart reading, nothing to do with "NEWS" or other inside information. You can subscribe for our T.03 and PLUS trade suggestions any time that you get tired of following the herd. You can follow this type of analysis in depth at the link on left. Nice enough!!

Follow the Conversation May 10, 2:49am GMT

One of our members was concerned at the paucity of Futures signals for Friday 05/08. Of course we can't make signals happen. That's the market's job and we just tell you when those signals appear and how to trade them. Here's the conversation from Forum:
JCN ()
So how did that work out? Correlated buy in Gold was elected and failed to give us a profitable close so we are still long this market over the weekend. Silver buy and Aussie SPI (AP)  were not elected ie did not reach the entry numbers specified in our DC Trade Program. India's NIFTY gapped up and made 134 points, DAX made $6825, S&P EMini made $975 and NASDAQ buy made $755 into Friday's close, all per one contract as is our normal way of reporting. Nice enough for an easy day's work?
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JCN ()
T.03 and Blue line buy for AP the Aussie SPI 200 and also a T.03 buy for NIFTY the India index and a daily Buy in $HUI the unhedged Gold producers index which is to be executed in Gold or Silver Eric. Also we have Blue line and T.03 signals carried forward from Wednesday. These are in DAX, ES and NQ. See DC Trade Program for details.
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tdub (Subscriber)
Bit strange that there were no T03 or Plus signals in any Futures for today, Fri 8th, just Forex and Stock Indexes???

CARNAGE at ASX May 06, 10:30pm GMT

“CARNAGE” screamed the Sydney Morning Herald that doyen of news in Australia’s greatest city as Australian shares lost $40 billion in their biggest slump since February 2013 on Wednesday.

YUM!! said Danielcode Futures traders as our PLUS Sell signal for AP-057 the Futures contract for the SPI 200 tracking the Australian Stock Exchange Index gave us a nice $3850 per one contract into the close. Volatility is surging into Equity markets everywhere as I will discuss in tomorrow’s webinar and now more than ever Futures traders who trade both long and short hold the aces. Axiomatically, those who know only the buy and hold mantra of Stock and Share pundits are those who have the greatest need to learn how to trade Futures if only to learn how to create a proper hedge.

I fear it won’t happen but one can only try. Photo courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald. 

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