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Wed 7/27 - 4 signal(s)
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Wed 7/27 - 7 signal(s)

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Inertia, Exuberance Chaos

BREXIT - The Aftermath

Power of The Options Writers

The Central Bank Mirage

Inertia and Hope of Chaos! Jul 20, 12:12am GMT

 The markets we cover in Forex and Futures returned no less than 16 inside bars for Monday's (07/18) trading with some returning 2 inside bars in sucession and others doing the one up, one back trick. Generally what we are observing is a marked loss of momentum in the majority of (particularly Forex) markets that we cover. Markets are waiting for something to give them direction and that is really extraordinary given global events of BREXIT, terror attacks in US and France plus the attempted coup in Turkey. In ordinary times one would have thought that we had more than enough events to create volatility including the current banking crisis (again) in Italy which is struggling to bailout some of its important banks whilst fighting the EU rules against such an action. 

But inertial begets volatility so rather than being lulled by this quiet period I suggest you should be on high alert. US Equities are living through another reporting season with the usual fudges between real results and the much loved NON GAAP results that allow all sorts of shenanigans. I am always aprehensive when markets appear too calm. S&P has taken out the old highs on the 6 day chart and is heading for the old median line on its 6 day chart which I show you regularly. The median for the S&P Index is now at 2241 just 78 points from today's close and strangely the median on the long term charts is a prime spot for a market failure.
I will run a special webinar on Monday evening to review the long term charts and what they portend. Great fun and carnage may be closer than we think and of course all Futures and Forex traders love chaos!!
Independence Day Holiday Jun 29, 1:18am GMT

 US markets are closed on Monday 07/04 for the Independence Day Holiday so there will be no DC trade signals on that date. As usual we require a full day to reset the charts after a market holiday so next T.03 and PLUS signals after the holiday will be for the trade date Wednesday 07/06. Charts will be updated as normal and Forex will trade normally through the holiday although expect volume to be light.

The Joys of Brexit Jun 24, 3:43am GMT

It’s early days yet with just 144 local authorities reporting with 238 still to be counted but the results in financial markets and currencies have been spectacular already. Doing the DC trade suggestions for the past few days has been an eye opener as the charts have been screaming for Brexit ie Britain votes to LEAVE the EU whilst markets, commentary, polls and heavyweight analysis have all been determinedly running on the REMAIN track. The tragic death of US Labour MP Jo Cox last week has been consistently touted as the event that sparked the poll results lifting for REMAIN and being the catalyst for the rally since Friday last week, and whilst we are used to pundits fitting today’s news to yesterday’s trading results, some of this is so silly that even ex post facto it still doesn’t ring.

A better view is the old market adage of “buy the news, sell the event” and that’s exactly what the DC signals have been saying. The most conspicuous indicator is the GBP-USD forex pair for which we had our proprietary T.03 Buy signal posted and elected last Thursday 06/16 and gaining $4530 per one standard Forex contract, followed by today’s T.03 and Blue line Sell signal which has garnered over $11,000 per one standard contract to 11:20 PM US ET. Great fun if you are on the right side of this trade as the Danielcode almost always is!!

Other great DC trade signals for today, Thursday are AUD-JPY Sell now down from 81.400 to 74.604, GBP-CHF Sell down from 1.425 to 1.319 over $11,000 per one contract, Buy USD-CAD, GBP-JPY Sell now -19.008 or over $14,000 so far, and NZD-JPY Sell with this pair now at -5.360. Today I chose to stay out of equity markets but the bias should have been clear with Thursday’s Sell signal in the Aussie SPI (AP) now -151 points and daily Sell for the S&P now -75.50. US T Bonds were a T.03 Buy for Friday and are up a mighty 5^14 or over $4000 per contract.Like almost every other unexpected result the Danielcode knew it before it happened. Members and guests will be busy counting the lovely lolly and looking forward to BOJO’s imminent ascension. Great fun indeed and much more fun when the trading is so fantastic. Take a look at the DC Members’ GBP-USD chart when posted shortly, and be amazed at the precision of this market as it runs on the DC Blue lines which control all markets. Huge volatility only serves to emphasis the accuracy of the Danielcode. YUM!! And yes, you are welcome to join us any time.


Power of The Options Writers Jun 13, 1:11am GMT
This week I want to show you a little understood (and less discussed) phenomenon that I see repeatedly in all futures and currency markets as rollover approaches and for you Forex traders this is just as relevant as Forex mirrors the price movements that we can identify from the Currency futures markets also. Once you see this habitual pattern that rotates around option expiry you will be suitably impressed with the power that Options Writers exert over markets as expiry looms. This is in stark contrast to the helplessness of Option buyers who are largely the cannon fodder as they continue to trade on these systemically mispriced instruments. And after my overseas jaunt for the 2016 US Summer Tutorial in LA it is timely to update our longer term view of major markets and ever more volatile commodities. Invitations will be sent out shortly and I trust you will join me at 8:30PM US ET on Thursday 06/16 as we highlight the need to know issues facing all traders.
Back From The Big Smoke May 30, 11:37pm GMT

 Last week I travelled to Los Angeles for our 2016 US Summer Tutorial and met with a great group of new Danielcode traders and Janet who was doing her third DC Tutorial. As usual the Danielcode amazed and dazzled some very experienced traders who had not previously seen the magic of time and price, that precious nexus where trend change becomes almost inevitable. This time we had a larger than usual group who chose the video version of the Tutorial due to a variety of factors but by the time our extensive follow up sessions end in two months or so, all will be equipped for the next and best stage of their trading careers. To all who attended it was a pleasure meeting you (again) and showing you the possibilities of this amazing system. Most were speechless and I am looking forward to ensuring that you put the new learning into action.

The trip back to Australia was a nightmare of 21 hours in queues or otherwise waiting on the world but back home now and raring to go. Monday saw most US markets closed for the Memorial Day Holiday and in accordance with our usual procedures we require a full day of trading after a market holiday to reset the charts, so our usual T.03 and PLUS signals will resume on Tuesday evening for action on Wednesday 06/01.

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