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The Commodities Rout

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Know The Numbers Nov 25, 12:12am GMT

Wednesday's snap back reversal and outside bar in Sugar was a dramatic election of our T.03 Sell signal for today. Wednesday's high was made at 15.78 just one tick from the Danielcode Blue line at 15.79. Nice enough and it certainly helped to know the numbers. In fact I don't know how folks trade confidently without the DC targets. Here's the Members Chart:

US Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 23, 11:50pm GMT

The US Thanksgiving Holiday falls on Thursday 11/26 this year and we take this opportunity to wish all of our US friends and clients a joy filled celebration. Markets will be thin on the Wednesday and positively sketchy on Friday as many use this holiday for an extended weekend break. Forex trades as normal. As usual we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday so there will be no new DC trade signals for Thursday or Friday this week.

Waiheke Island Tutorial Nov 21, 12:44am GMT

New DC member Piet B is bringing over this 43' sports fisher to take us for a cruise around New Zealand's beautiful Hauraki Gulf on Sunday 12/6. Let me know if you will be at Waiheke for the Tutorial and would like to join us.


Do You Sincerely Want To Be Rich? Oct 30, 4:45am GMT

I hope the heading captured your attention but it is not original. This marketing ploy came from Bernie Cornfeld a sometime rogue who made selling Mutual Funds an art form many years ago. We don't sell funds or anything else for that matter but occasionally I teach small groups what really makes markets move and how to trade those moves. For this I run occasional Tutorials that fill your head with completely unorthodox ideas about the real powers that determine market turns and trends. The Tutorial material is completely different to anything you will see at this website or learn from my bi-monthly webinars and really introduces you to the next level of trading. We get all sorts from housewives to hedge fund managers and brokers and all are equally astonished at what they learn. Mike M is a dentist from Chicago and a tough guy who has traded Futures for many years. Not the type to offer praise lightly, he has been amazed to find that since our LA Tutorial in May 2015 his trading returns now outperform his professional career, and I can do the same for you at our Waiheke Island Tutorial in December for which details are at left.

I don't do many Tutorials and Waiheke is just the second in two years so if you like what Mike has to say about the risk/return of doing a Danielcode Tutorial, I suggest that you email me at and book yourself in. This from Mike in Members Forum today:

mitzy7 (Subscriber)
After following John for a couple of years on his biweekly tutorials and subscribing to his T-03 signals I was amazed by the fact that he was always on the right side of the big moves that occurred in the markets. I told myself I am going to have to breakdown and pay the money to attend a tutorial. Boy, am I ever glad I made that decision. I attended the May 2015 tutorial in Los Angeles, Ca. It is now Oct 2015 and I have paid for the tutorial 20 fold (you read that right) from the material he taught at the tutorial. I will definitely be attending the next tutorial he has in the states to see the new material he has to offer. I can not recommend the tutorials enough if you want to take your trading to the next level. Thank you John for sharing your years of experience researching and trading the markets.

Mike M, Chicago, IL
Quarterly Break 24-31 October 2015 Oct 22, 1:48am GMT

We try to take a one week break each quarter to refuel our batteries from the thrill and strain of trading multiple Futures and Forex markets and to give everyone the chance to catch up on all of those personal and domestic chores that back up in a busy working week. We missed the break due at end September but now seems a good time to have that week off from trading and get rested and ready for the run into the year’s end which promises drama and volatility, the traders’ friend. Accordingly the Danielcode office will be closed for the week from 10/24 to 10/31. Charts will be updated as usual on this weekend but there will be no mid-week update on 10/27 and no T.03 PLUS trade suggestions next week. Terry at will be available to assist with any questions you may have and whilst I will be travelling next week, I will be monitoring and responding to any emails that need my attention. Enjoy the break.

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