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T.03 Signals
Fri 12/09 - 5 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Fri 12/09 - 8 signal(s)

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S&P And Consensus Conundrum

Thanksgiving Special

The 4th Seal Forecasting Yesterday What You Want To Know Tomorrow

Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 23, 11:48pm GMT

 Terry joins me in wishing all of our American clients and guests a joyful and safe Thanksgiving. And we have much to be grateful for including some great bursts of both anxiety and excitement which became juxtaposed to provide some rare bursts of hyper volatility. And that looks set to continue into year's end and beyond.

US markets are closed for Thanksgiving so there will be no T.03 or PLUS signals for Thursday and as usual we require a full day of trading after a market holiday to reset the charts so our signals will resume for Monday 11/28.

No Orders Without Stops Nov 09, 3:55pm GMT

 As I have taught repeatedly there is no order without an accompanying stop. Some are having this message rammed home as today's short in Equities is reversed. Take a look at the BREXIT video under the "Videos" tab for some ideas on how to trade this wondrous volatility.

Trading The Election Nov 09, 8:49am GMT

 From Forum:

JCN ()
Nice enough John and thank you for posting. I have had 10 hours straight of CNN and Fox and loved every minute of the drama. Long on Friday in Russell BEFORE the FBI announcement then short for today with the signals being apparent as soon as markets closed on Tuesday. Hard to beat the Danielcode.
JohnL (Subscriber)
Gotta love being on the right side of the market during the US election results. Today's signals picked it before anyone else. WOW, what a day for the trading account.
The 4th Seal Nov 07, 10:33pm GMT

The 4th Seal is our proprietary analysis and forecasting tool and those who read it were well served by its insights over the past two weeks. Here is the analysis published before the open on Monday in Germany's DAX index:

"From last week : Last week we had the upcoming 59 cycle that starts to work on 11/2 drawn as a high. Because the market is trending down since last week and because the 59 cycle is also accompanied by a 62 cycle low odds are that both the 59 and the 62 cycle project a coming swing low. Because of that we expect the trend for this week to remain down into a swing low later this week or early next. Once that is done we should see another rally phase. More on that next week. Follow the DC trading signals to get elected.

Just like we said last week the Dax is in a 59/62 cluster cycle low until 11/10. We should see a swing low soon and the start of another leg up We have no idea how high. More on the next topping cycle next week. For now get ready to trade the swing low. The DC daily signals will guide us. As soon as this coming swing low breaks again to the downside we are going a lot lower and we then have a confirmed 6 day trend change. Until then the trend remains up."

To this you can add the Blue line Buy signal in S&P and Russell both valid for election on Friday (Russell) and Monday (S&P) and T.03 and Blue line Buys signals valid for Monday in Dow, NASDAQ and DAX. Once again the markets lead and NEWS merely follows!

New Online Learn The Danielcode Nov 01, 11:46pm GMT

 Our relatively new online teaching of how to trade the Danielcode is making great traders out of newbies and seasoned traders alike. Here's the latest comment from Mark L in the US:

"Wow.  That is the only word that immediately comes to mind when I think about my recent experience with the Daniel Code Tutorial.  I first came across the DC in June 2016.  It's hard to describe the literal attraction I felt as I was drawn further and further into this amazing revelation.  I consumed as many articles and videos as possible and time and time again was amazed at how markets turned at the DC numbers within ticks!  I must admit that when I first inquired about the cost of a 1:1 Tutorial I looked for every reason to justify why I DIDN'T need a tutorial even though deep down I knew it wasn't an option, I HAD to learn more about this incredible discovery at any cost!  


Fast forward a few months and it is now the end of October 2016 and I just completed my 4 x 2 hour sessions.  After getting over being a bit star struck in the first part of session one (I have a long commute to and from work and I've listened to "Live at the Springs" probably a dozen or so times.  John is somewhat of a celebrity in my book and a great travel companion!) we jumped right into the teaching.  John explains it all and in a way that makes it stick.  He was very patient when I was a step or two behind and allowed me to stay on a topic as long as I needed in order for the lights to come on.  I must admit there were a few items that I thought I understood but when I went back and reviewed the video I realized I hadn't quite comprehended during the live session.  Receiving the video of the session is invaluable for my learning style.  I will continue to review the session for many months to come.  


I'm anxious to start trading live, but John insists on paper trading first to ensure the concepts are second nature before risking real money.  I'm already looking forward to my next session where John will review my paper trades and offer feedback as to how I’m progressing.  In conclusion, I highly recommend that anyone, regardless of their trading experience, sign up for a tutorial.  It is an experience you won't regret."

Details are under the Online Video banner at left.

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