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T.03 Signals
Thu 10/08 - 12 signal(s)
T.03 Plus Signals
Thu 10/08 - 18 signal(s)

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DC Black Line Bites in PMs Oct 02, 11:43pm GMT

I invented the now famous Danielcode Black line almost 20 years ago, and it is now so important that according to my client Akshay, Blomberg Data service approached him as a Bloomberg client two years ago to advise that by multiplying some obscure Fib fractions and (from memory) deducting the age of someone’s pet dog they had come up with a magical support level that they were adding to their trading software. Strangely this piece of legerdemain exactly matched the Danielcode Black line, which reminds me of the old adage that it is easier and cheaper to copy another’s invention than to develop your own, a strategy much loved by many of our giant IT and web businesses!!

And the Danielcode Black line is indeed a wonder as it again showed on Friday when both Silver and Gold responded to their DC Buy signals (T.03 Buy for Gold and Silver and an added Blue line Buy for Silver) by finding their respective Black lines on Members charts and staging a breath taking rally with Silver up 5% and Gold up 2.2% its biggest day since April.  From Zero Hedge:

Silver Spikes To Six-Week Highs On Heavy Volume - Biggest Jump Since Dec 2014

"Precious metals are angrily bid this morning (even as copper and crude tumble) after the dismal US jobs data sent the USD reeling and raised expectations for moar QE down the line. Silver is up 5% on the day - the biggest daily jump since Dec 1st 2014 and gold is up 2.2% - its best day since April. Silver is soaring... and so is gold post-payrolls..."

We had the T.03 Buy for Silver posted on Wednesday evening for action on Thursday or Friday and added a Blue line Buy signal for Friday. At our Thursday evening webinar I advised clients and guests that Silver was searching for its Blue line number at 1440.5. When it found this target today it pushed to the DC Black line, the last level of support for any swing at 1437 and breaking the line by one point started its stunning snap back reversal.

Gold had a simpler journey plunging down from its DC PLUS Sell signal for 09/28 before finding its Black line at 1104.2 just 3 ticks from its daily low. With Friday’s T.03 Buy signal from the Danielcode starting to bite, it too made a violent key reversal bar running off an impressive 37 point range to mark the end of another great trading week for Danielcode Members.

Other trades were not so flash as a plethora of outside bars caused our mandatory stop and reverse strategies to be triggered but Monday still looms to perhaps validate those moves. In any event we have had a huge trading week as the fun goes on!!

Wednesday's Work And Play Oct 01, 12:24am GMT

PLUS Buy in DX gave +485 ticks, Monday’s Sell in Gold is now + $1680 from its PLUS Sell signal or more if you traded off the inside bar, DAX Buy was + 183 points but the gap up defeated our entry, Nat Gas PLUS Sell from Monday keeps improving and is now +$1070, T.03 Buys in ES, NQ, Russell and Blue line Buy in Dow were all winners on Wednesday with ES +28 points, NASDAQ +79.25, Russell rather tame at +16.1 and DOW strong at +180. Copper was the standout with its T.03 Buy signal posted Monday evening and valid for election on Tuesday or Wednesday with a nice rally today for $1600 per one contract. AUD-JPY buy, CAD-CHF Buy, CAD-JPY Buy, EUR-AUD Sell, EUR-USD Sell and USD-CAD Sell for 97 ticks were all profitable. GBP-CHF is underwater and GBP-USD Buy returned an outside bar which required our usual stop and reverse strategy. On balance another outstanding trading day. You are welcome to join us any time you think that more winners will help your trading. HA!!

Sometimes It's Easy Sep 30, 12:06am GMT

Tuesday provided a nice windfall in the ASX SPI 200 Futures contract which tracks the All Ordinaries Index in Australia. Whilst few things come so easy in the ultra competitive US Futures markets, we have noticed consistently that the further away from Wall Street that you get, the more easy opportunities flow and such was the case with Tuesday’s trade in AP-201215 the front month in the Aussie SPI contract. We started the day with a DC PLUS Sell signal for this market posted at 6:30PM US ET after an up day in Oz and a big down day in US Equities for Monday, and thus the expectation of a gap down opening in the Aussie market. Felicitously the well known Aussie optimism got the better of local traders and AP opened a tick above Monday’s high and traded quickly to our short entry point closing on its low for a massive 223 point down day and sparking the usual lurid headlines of “Carnage-The $55 Billion meltdown etc”, which to us was just another nice trading day which quietly returned almost $2800 per one contract. How or why this market opened up on Tuesday is just another of the trading world’s mysteries but as you see opportunities for those who know continue to abound!!

Monday's Trading Bonanza Sep 28, 9:43pm GMT

Today Monday 09/28 was a good day to be short the S&P -47, NASDAQ -123.50, DOW -296, DAX -169, Gold -12.8, Silver -55, Copper -3.55, DX -270 and long T Bonds +2^0. All of these moves were Danielcode trade suggestions from our T.03 and PLUS programs together with a handful of winning Forex trades. And all of these trade signals were posted for members at 7:30PM on Sunday evening. We don’t read NEWS and we don’t need to see the open. All of our signals are available and posted 150 minutes after major markets close each evening. If you didn’t know these high probability trades were coming down the track by Sunday evening then you missed another trading bonanza on Monday. DC Members filled the bag and I invite you to join our party!!

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