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Fri 12/19 - 6 signal(s)
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FractZen.PRO NEWS Dec 19, 3:05am GMT

For those of you keenly waiting for the release of our new FractZen.PRO auto trade program, we are reasonably confident of releasing the Futures program early in the New Year. After a $16k return earlier in the week for Futures, today's printout shows (all per 1 contract) EMD +$390, ES S&P Emini +$2925, Feeder Cattle +$600, Copper -$162, Coffee +$150, Live Cattle +$240, NASDAQ +$2495, Platinum -$600, Sugar +$33, Russell +3260 and Corn +$37. So a nice open equity of +$9351.

As you can see we have a big mix of medium and small contracts, and additionally we are working on rolling out a day trading program for you which means you can use about 10% of the existing margins, always a boon to those with smaller accounts or happier not to hold trades overnight.With the new TradeClone program from our partner Trade Navigator that FractZen.PRO runs in the work for you traders is approaching zero as the new program creates the entries, places the orders and stops, moves the stops when appropriate and exits as designed. Additionally we will maintain our existing FractZen.TEXT program but add targets and different stops choices, all backed up by the new search and back testing program that has revealed so much about market behaviour. Look forward to the new FractZen webinars, now likely in the New Year as we lay out these fabulous opportunities for you.

Webinar Rescheduled Dec 19, 2:01am GMT

I returned to my home Australia last year, and although touted as a modern and technologically advanced country I have to say that internet technology is 3rd world standard!!

Last night we had a minor thunderstorm, an everyday occurrence here at the Gold Coast in Queensland where it is semi tropical and most of the rain comes in summer. From that minor storm, I now find that the high speed internet in my district is down and won't be restored for 4 days.

I have a mobile modem that will keep me going until then but it is too slow to run a webinar so Friday's webinar is being rescheduled for next week. You should have an email from Terry shortly. New time will be 8:30PM on Tuesday 12/23.

Mid Week Fun Dec 17, 11:41pm GMT

Danielcode trade signals for Wednesday: Buy: Oil, DAX, Copper and Russell. Sell T Bonds and Coffee. All nice trades and +16k in open positions from our short term trading FractZen system including being long on all of the US equity markets. YUM!!

Gold and Silver Dec 09, 11:21pm GMT

While Equities continue to squabble over whether they can stand a correction, there is plenty of great trading in commodities with Gold and Silver being the stand outs in the early part of this week. Our GMAJ Buy signal for Gold on Monday at 1209.5 was elected on Tuesday and today's price action turned it into a $2210 trade per 1 contract. Silver followed suit today with our PLUS Buy signal at 1644.2 for a nice $3150 trade into today's close. Spreading the net rather than being fixated on just a couple of markets pays big dividends!!

Thanksgiving Week Nov 25, 1:06am GMT

Markets are mostly closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday 11/27 and have a half day on the Friday. Trading today (Monday) was slow with a plethora of inside bars and may be the same for the rest of this week.

There will be no DC signals posted for Thursday or Friday although Forex and FractZen will trade normally and the usual mid week chart update will only be done for Forex markets. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday and take a rest while you enjoy your families. Markets will be fast and furious when we return to the fray. As usual we require a full day of trading to reset the charts after a market holiday so DC signals will resume for Tuesday 12/02 after the Holiday.

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