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US Fed Statement Sep 20, 11:24pm GMT

 Janet Yellen will release the US Fed statement on interest rates at 2PM Wednesday 09/21 US ET. This is one of the primary tools that the Fed uses for its always opaque communication to traders and investors and often creates large price fluctuations wholly unrelated to any real news. For today Wednesday we have an unusually large number of trade suggestions but I suggest that you exercise more than the usual degree of caution in your trading if indeed you choose to trade at all. Immediately around 2PM you will see short term vol surge with a vengence!!

Volatility Kicker Sep 20, 5:55am GMT

 US Fed and Bank of Japan both hold meetings and announcements this week so Wednesday should prove another volatility kicker as the usual suspects react prematurely to what are almost certain to be effective non events but for the 3 minute gang any news is cause for action and often the trigger for violent swings. More fun!

Labor Day Holiday Sep 02, 1:03am GMT

 US markets will be closed on Monday September 5 for the US Labor Day Holiday. There will be no T.03 and PLUS signals for Monday and as we always require a full trading day to reset the charts after a market holiday, the next DC signals will be posted on Tuesday evening for Wednesday's trading. Forex will trade as normal on Monday. Enjoy the holiday.

Half Year Holiday Break Aug 03, 8:16pm GMT

We try to take off a week each quarter to refresh the batteries and attend to those pesky chores that require more than a weekend's attention and we have not so far taken a break since Christmas, as frankly trading has been too good to take our foot off the pedal. But inevitably the mundane issues catch up so I am proposing that we take an overdue break for the week of August 8th to August 13th.

Charts will be updated on Sunday and Monday 08/8-9 as usual but there will be no DC signals during the week and the mid-week chart update will not take place as I will be interstate on business. Signals will resume as normal for Monday 15th August. Switch off your computers and take a complete break with family and friends. Trading promises to be magnificent in the run off during the second part of the year and we will need to be refreshed and in fine form to grab all the bounty that markets afford us.

DC Webinars Jul 28, 4:16am GMT

Recently I discussed the propensity of Futures markets to achieve artificial outcomes at the rollover phase and in Monday's webinar I told you to expect a rally in Gold as rollover draws near. We backed that with a Daily Gold Buy suggestion and the added piquancy is these events were just a few hours after Monday closed in the Gold Futures contract at its lowest close since the 07/07 high. Tuesday saw a tiny up bar to elect the trade and Wednesday saw blast off. Nice enough!!

Home/News     |     What is DC?     |     Services     |     Articles     |     Videos     |     Trading Reports